The LED Solution for Replacing Metal Halide Fixtures

Independence LED’s American Made Multi-Tube LED Fixtures are the most cost-effective solution for Metal Halide High Bay replacements or Fluorescent Tube High Bay retrofits:

Spec Sheets


Common Industrial Applications

400 Watt Metal Halide High Bay Fixtures:

Factories, Warehouses, and Distribution Centers


Common Commercial Applications

400 Watt Metal Halide High Bay Fixtures:

Gymnasiums, Hockey Rinks, Grocery Stores, and Retail Stores


Seeing is Believing

See the difference in the light output and quality for yourself.

These photo illustrates the superior light quality with the LEDs: Brighter and Whiter than the existing Metal Halides that are more orange.

150 Watt LED Tube Fixtures (6 high output tubes) replace existing 400 Watt Metal Halide fixtures

The Wattage Delta

The delta is very dramatic between the existing wattage with Metal Halide light fixtures and LED Solutions with multi-tube fixtures. This wattage delta creates opportunities to retrofit facilities that may have below average cost of electricity.  Low kWh costs often restrict retrofits from other types of lighting to LEDs, but the Return On Investment (ROI) is typically excellent for Metal Halide to LED Tube Fixture replacements.  Since the multi-tube fixture solution uses very cost-effective fixture housings, the payback is typically better than replacing High Bay fixtures with other types of LED fixtures. Given that a Metal Halide ballast adds wattage to the fixture, the energy savings with LED tube fixtures is even greater than just the lamp to lamp reduction.

In the Metal Halide vs LED challenge, the winner is simply…LED


Sample Advanced Features

Beam Angle Adjustments

Distribution Centers and Warehouses need to adequately illuminate the floor for safe fork lift truck operation while also illuminating the highest level of storage so that operators can see package labels.  The Independence LED multi-tube fixture is ideal for these applications, because the external “independent” driver allows the installer or facility manager to adjust the beam angle of each tube.  The fixture’s tombstones are just for support since the system does not rely on the circuit to pass through the tombstones. By adjusting the tubes at the outside edge of a fixture to 30°, 45° or 60°,  those edge tubes can better illuminate the highest level storage while the inside tubes cove the floor.  This is a key differentiator among the choices for a high bay led retrofit.

This is a key advantage of the Independence LED multi-tube fixture. Beyond Distribution Centers and Warehouses, Retail Stores and Grocery Stores can also benefit from the beam angle adjustment features. The Metal Halide LED replacement bulb was initially popular until facility managers learned the limitations with hot spots and inability to adjust the beam angles.


The High Output 8’ LED Advantage

High bay lighting ceiling grids vary across different types of facilities, but the spacing is typically over 20’. The spacing has the potential to create a pocodot effect with foot candle hot spots directly under the fixture locations. In addition to its line of multi-tube high bay fixtures, Independence LED offers one of the market’s “Best in Breed” solutions for 8’ Tubes. The advantage of an Independence LED  two tube 8’ LED high bay is that the end user can extend the light down the length of a service aisle without changing the location of the power source. The tubes reduce the hot spots and also have the advantage of the beam angle adjustments. This approach to changing the fixture to LED has become increasingly popular over the Metal Halide LED replacement. Simply, the mogul base is quickly becoming a remnant of old technology and the long life of the LED tube fixtures and energy savings warrants the fixture change given that the labor in either case may require a scissor lift for a high bay lamp.


High CRI

Retail Stores and Grocery Stores with existing Metal Halide fixtures or multi-tube fluorescent High Bay fixtures often request higher Color Rendering Index (CRI) than is common for most LED tubes.  Independence LED offers CRI Options over 80 upon request, and this is key to satisfy the needs of business owners and facility managers that need to illuminate their products to high standards. A Metal Halide retrofit or a multi-tube 4’  fluorescent T8 or 4’ T5 fixture retrofit with an LED Tube fixture can now meet the CRI levels required by the most discerning buyers of highbay lighting.


Smart Controls:

Since Metal Halide lamps need time to warm up, they are often left on in areas of Distribution Centers or Warehouses that do not necessarily use the light in every minute of the facilities daily operation. LEDs are instant on, so smart controls are an outstanding means to reduce operating expenses even beyond the significant delta in wattage. Independence LED works with its Authorized Resellers on high bay led lighting to tailor the solutions for different fixtures in order to meet the needs of the end users , specifically on technology integration for Smart Controls such as:



Light Harvesting

Occupancy Sensors