The Savings report is the information DASHBOARD that helps our Authorized distributors assess the likelihood of an LED retrofit. The higher the cost per kWh, the longer the run time, and the less efficient the current lights, the higher likelihood of securing an LED Retrofit.

Naturally, the more accurately our Authorized Resellers can show their Property Owners and Facility Managers the cost of their current lighting, the more likely the LED retrofit will resonate with the Client. Simply, in America, we don’t typically sub-meter lighting relative to total electricity consumption, so the Savings Reports that come from our software sheds light on data that often is an eye opener for the end users.

To that end, an accurate lighting audit is the key to an effective Savings Report.  Key nuances to matching the LEDs include the Number of Tubes per fixture and the Type of Tubes because we can sometime provide added efficiencies by de-lamping vs a one-for-one tube retrofit. The EAGLE LED TUBE is engineered with a FlexDensity™ system, so as an example the 4’ Tubes come in 12, 16, 22 or 29 Watts. The 12 Watt LED tube replaces the typical 32 Watt T8 or the 40 Watt T-12 fluorescent tubes. In some cases, we can de-lamp 4 fluorescent tube fixtures down to three (3) 186W LED tubes or two (2) 22W LED tubes with the DLC listed retrofit kits. In these cases the spacing between fixtures and ceiling height is a key consideration in addition to desired foot candle levels.

Plus any info on current Maintenance Cost to change out the lights or the approx. percentage of time that employees spend per year switching out Tubes, also helps sharpen the input data on the Savings Report. When it comes to the Tax Incentive Eligibility, we include in the Savings Report software the ASHRAE 90.1 Base Line watts / sq. ft.  because the EPAct (Energy Policy Act) Tax Deduction Incentives are based on reducing the energy cost over baseline vs over the current cost.

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