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NEW: Correctional Facility “Prison” SolutionsHazard Prevention Tubes (Ideal for Prisons) + Hurricane Florence RecoveryBen Franklin Technology Partners + ESCOAtlanticRoyal Docks Brewing Co.Upper Saint Clair, PA Goddard School + ECSI 360 + Impact Report 2018 + Press Releases: $200M Infrastructure Pledge + Five Star LED Lighting Solution with Lighting as a Service (LaaS) + Walter Reed National Military Medical Center – Major LED Lighting Retrofit

 Articles Published: A Winnable War on Energy Waste ­­­­+ LED Grow Light Guide

Newmark Holdings Retrofits 24 NYC Commercial Properties With Independence LED Lighting; Sets New Energy Efficiency Benchmark

Plus, We’re on the Science Channel How It’s Made Show

See the first LED lighting manufacturing profile in the show’s history, from 15 years and over 1,500 subjects around the world. If you missed the Premier on June 6th, check for Rebroadcasts and Downloads here.

Independence LED Lighting Solutions Work

LED lighting is more reliable, efficient, earth-friendly, and longer lasting than any other lighting solution. See our Customer Testimonials from across the U.S. Can you afford to choose any other solution?



Portion of Building Energy



Higher Efficiency



Longer Life

Bigger question ... can you afford to keep your current lighting?

 About Us

Independence LED


Since 2007, we have focused on maximizing Return on Investment (ROI) through Energy Intelligence. Independence LED Lighting provides turn-key lighting solutions for multi-property clients, and we also manufacture our own line of award-winning Made in the USA LED fixtures that we sell to the trade and incorporate when appropriate in our client solutions.

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Independence LED Solutions


For our lighting solutions clients we provide expert services that include lighting audits, ROI proposals, rebate administration, installation coordination, financing, and more. We have earned the trust of major real estate property owners and managers by delivering cost-effective and reliable lighting solutions.

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Independence LED New Products


Our American Made LED products are installed across the Fortune 100 and the US Military. In 2010, we moved our manufacturing from China to Pennsylvania, and we won the Best Lighting Retrofit by the US Green Building Council, in 2013. Our advanced LED technology comes with the industry leading 10 year warranty.

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US Headquarters in Philadelphia: 484.588.5401


Operations: Greater Philadelphia

AMERICAN JOB CREATION: The ripple effect of economic development extends beyond the production and implementation of our LED lighting for jobs that include packaging, shipping, logistics, and support services from accounting to marketing and from legal to banking. The export of our top quality, reliable, MADE IN USA LEDs also creates added economic growth for America.

AMERICAN ENERGY INDEPENDENCE: Reducing energy consumption is a cost-effective “sibling” strategy to increasing domestic energy production and using clean tech renewable technologies like solar and wind. Buildings use about 40% of US energy, and lighting typically accounts for about 25% of the electricity. Since LEDs cut the energy consumption by 50% or more, changing the lights is a great way to help reach energy independence and reduce CO2 emissions along the way.

Independence LED Lighting advantages over other companies and products:

Independence LED manufactures high performance illumination products through advanced engineering, inclusion of top quality components, and quality assurance throughout the production process.

Authentic MADE IN USA LED lighting for energy-efficient luminaires

Buy American Act (BAA) Compliant

Trade Agreements Act (TAA) Compliant

Extremely high USA content: Over 80% in many cases

Industry leading 10 Year Warranty, without “fine print” that limits run times and components

Proven Performance Track Record with failures less than 0.0001% (1 in 10,000)

Longevity with Case Studies, dating back many years 

Advanced Thermal Management (e.g. Top Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) aluminum vs FR4 and deep fin aluminum heat sinks) 

Top Drivers with dimming standard and options for in-field programming, subject to fixture

High Efficiency (lumens / watt)

Emergency back up batteries: Lithium vs nickel-cadmium

Company history: 10 years of operation

LEDs: LumiLED  / Samsung subject to fixture


Public and Private Sector Solutions with sample case studies: Solutions File

Commercial LED Lighting Product Catalog with specification highlights: Catalog 

Grow Light System: Catalog 

CAPABILITIES STATEMENT – Independence LED Lighting for Government Sales

Differentiation File for Sales Rep Agencies

MEMBER AREA (Authorized Sales Channel Reps, Resellers, and Distributors)