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Industry Leading 10 Year LED Warranty 


Independence LED Challenges Other LED Light Manufacturers to Match the Strength of Its LED Warranty Protection


January 4, 2016 — Independence LED Lighting, one of the industry leading LED light manufacturers with award-winning American made lighting and turnkey lighting solutions, announced today a challenge to the commercial LED lighting market to match the strength of its 10 Year LED Warranty in 2016 and beyond.

The majority of commercial LED light manufacturers around the world offer 5 Year LED Warranties to meet the minimum requirements of the DesignLights Consortium™ (DLC) for its Qualified Products List (QPL). The minimum protection along with other criteria serves as the guide for most utility companies to approve rebate eligibility. The few manufacturers that offer a 10 year LED warranty often have “fine print” with limitations on daily hours of operations, carve-outs for lesser protection on the LED drivers, or restrictions on warranty transfer if the original owner sells the building or business. Buyers beware, because many LED warranties also define “failure” with surprisingly high percentages of diodes, and they do not include protections against color shift or total output degradation relative to L70 standards. The Independence LED 10 Year LED Warranty protects the buyers at the highest level and has set a new benchmark for LED warranties.

Beneficiaries of a Strong LED Warranty:


A 10 Year LED Warranty benefits owners and managers of facilities that have areas with 24 x 7 illumination such as office building emergency stairs, hospitals, hotels, parking garages, fire and rescue centers, dormitories, and any emergency egress lighting for facilities such as schools.


A 10 Year LED Warranty benefits Energy Service Provider Companies (ESCOs), commercial lighting solutions providers, and companies providing Saving Share or Lighting as a Service (LaaS) programs.

For performance contracts, the service providers are often obligated to keep the lights on. So, a longer warranty and more reliable products help reduce their maintenance and replacement costs. Plus, as financing plans for energy saving lighting become increasingly popular, many lenders are requiring warranties that do not have the “fine print,” giving the manufacturers a way out of replacing failed technology. Naturally, lenders also desire LED warranty coverage to match their financing terms. So, if the terms are extended to roll-in solar or HVAC on a facility, a strong and long LED warranty for the lights is favorable.

History of Leadership:

Independence LED has a history of leading on quality and LED warranty protection.

2008 LED Warranty: The industry offered LED warranties with 1 to 3 year coverage.

2009 LED Warranty: Independence LED was the first to launch its 5 Year LED Warranty.

2010 LED Warranty: The Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) launched the Qualified Products List (QPL) within the DesignLights Consortium™ (DLC) and 5 Year LED Warranties became the new standard. Note that DLC did not then and does not now police the warranties or ensure that manufacturers cannot weaken the 5 year coverage through limitation on hours of operation or driver failure.

2013 LED Warranty: Independence LED was the first to launch its 10 Year LED Warranty. The company introduced the protection plan at its exhibition booth on April 21st 2013 at LightFair International. LightFair was held that year at the Convention Center in Philadelphia, PA, which was well suited for the announcement given that Independence LED brought its manufacturing from China to the Greater Philadelphia area about three year prior to the international showcase event. At that point in early 2013, the company was confident in 10 year coverage on its linear module LED tubes give the in-field performance for multiple years at client facilities as well as the laboratory testing. However, the warranty included a limit of up to 60,000 hours on the external driver (6.84 years at 24 x 7 operations of 8,760 hours per year). “At that point, the drivers where still the ‘Achilles heel’ of our system,” said Charlie Szoradi, Chairman and CEO of Independence LED. “Even taking into account the positive lab testing and thermal management by having them external to the linear modules, we wanted to see more of the in-field performance.”

2015 LED Warranty: After multiple generations of improvements to the external drivers, over the past three years, Independence LED now offers the industry leading 10 Year LED Warranty on the complete tube, fixture, and driver systems. The company was cautious about the drivers in 2013, but the engineering on the external drivers has paid off given that aspects like the “potting” help insulate against damaging heat gain and the return rate has been almost zero. Mr. Szoradi, said, “The testing and field results tell the story, and our platinum level quality assurance has set a new benchmark, with our full coverage warranty to backs it up.”

Insight from the industry on LED Warranty:

“We have been waiting for this level of LED quality and the warranty protection. A product is only as good as the strength of the warranty that stands behind it. Manufactures that trust their product stand behind it. With a real 10 year warranty we can finance the product over 10 year instead of 5. The net result is serious cost savings to the property owner,” said Don McDougall, General Manager of Solid State Capital Services (www.sscsllc.com). SSCS knows first-hand the challenges of financing relative to warranties. SSCS operates in conjunction with established banks and financial partners, to provide capital leases and financing options to its customers. The company was formed to meet the basic need for comprehensive management of the financial aspects of a property owner/operator’s deployment of high efficiency LED lighting solutions. While many manufacturers work to assist their customers in assessing the energy savings-driven ROI, there has been very little done to address the business case that includes all of the available tax and incentive opportunities. SSCS is embracing a variety of proven methodologies and programs such as- EPACT 2005, IRS codes 1245/1250 (depreciation and abandonment of replaced fixtures), energy rebates from local utilities and the substantial maintenance and lamp (bulb) savings, to support full realization of the available ROI for LED-based lighting installation.

About Independence LED (www.IndependenceLED.com)

Independence LED is an enterprise lighting solutions partner with American made LED manufacturing experience and insight. The company manufactures award-winning, USA made LED light fixtures from its Pennsylvania production facilities and enhances its offerings through strategic relationships with leading product and service companies. Since moving its manufacturing from China to Pennsylvania in 2010, Independence LED Lighting has engineered and produced reliable and cost-effective LED fixtures. The line now includes LED tubes, LED high bay fixtures, LED vapor tights, LED parking garage lighting, LED troffers, LED stair lights, LED grow light systems, and more. Contact: 484-588-5401