A history of family innovation produces one of the leading LED Light Manufacturers in America

2013 marked the celebration of 100 years of innovation across four generations of family members of Independence LED’s Founder and Chairman. To learn more about the innovation history that set the stage for one of the leading LED Light Manufacturers in America, click here: History of Innovation. Since 1913, the spirit of invention and Made in America manufacturing has driven job creation through patents, production, and improvements to the ways that we both live and work within the built environment. This century our commitment to innovation and excellence continues today as a guiding force for Independence LED as one of the top LED Light Manufacturers in the 21st Century.

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More Information on the origin of one of the leading USA LED Light Manufacturers: History of Innovation

Brains and plenty of hard work are responsible for our success – Carl Zwermann, 1928

Inspiration from generations of inventors and entrepreneurs:

The founder and CEO of Independence LED Lighting was inspired by family members to develop technology and strengthen America by being one of the US’ LED light manufacturers.

By 1913, Charlie Szoradi’s great grandfather, Carl Zwermann, had secured over a dozen patents of his engineering designs for what we all use and take for granted today. He invented key aspects of the “water closet” with the bowl, tank, and interior mechanics that we now call the modern toilet. His manufacturing facilities in Michigan and Illinois became key cornerstones of production in the early decades of the 1900s. The production plants also used innovative thermal management to increase efficiency in the porcelain kiln and drying processes. By the end of the 1920s, Carl Zwermann had built the family’s U.S. porcelain sanitary plant into one of the largest manufacturing facilities of its kind in the world.