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See a leading American LED Light Manufacturer that is one of the LED LIGHTFAIR Exhibitors for Made in USA Lighting with 10 Year Warranties. LIGHTFAIR® International (LFI®) is the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference.

LFI has a proven track record of bringing top international and domestic Architectural, Design, Engineering, Energy and Lighting professionals together with LIGHTFAIR exhibitors from around the world.

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LIGHTFAIR Exhibitors International:  (April 2013)

Feedback from Distributors on Independence LED products at the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference. See: Video Interviews

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In the NEWS: Out of over 500 leading global lighting manufacturing companies, Independence LED’s CEO was selected for the interview on LED lighting by “Energy Manager Today” magazine. See the article below that also references the Davis and Warshow account which is a Ferguson Enterprises Distribution Center and one of Independence LED’s retrofits that has over 2 miles of installed LED tubes. It is one of the largest LED tube retrofits to date in U.S. history.

Event Factory Tours and Training:

Since the 2013 LIGHTFAIR International was held this year in Philadelphia, Independence LED was able to host factory tours at its regional U.S. production facility. On the day before the massive annual trade show and conference, Independence held one of its monthly LED Boot Camp training programs for out of town members of the Independence LED Authorized Reseller Network.  The training and factory tours included domestic U.S. representatives ranging from California to New York and from Indiana to Florida. Overseas factory tours ranged from Central and South American representatives for accounts in Columbia and Venezuela across to representative from the European Union for accounts in countries like Belgium.


#1: New Warranty + Performance

The Strongest Warranty: 10 Years  + the Highest Efficiency: 112 Lumen / Watt for LED tubes. The 2013 combination of best in class warranty protection and energy reduction further secures the position of Independence LED as the “Best Built LED Tube.”

See: Class A-10 International Standards

#2: New REBATE READY Listings

DesignLights Consortium (DLC) approved the Independence LED tube for the 22 Watt and 29 Watt LED tube series. These LED tubes are now on the DLC Qualified Products list as of April 23, 2013. The new LED tubes are ideal for de-lamping  fixtures, and they are in addition to Independence LED’s previously approved DLC Listed 12 Watt LED tubes that replace T8 fluorescent tubes, one for one.  See: DLC Listings

#3: New International Financing

The Global Financing Advantage:  Through our new banking relationships, we can now offer up to $10 Million (U.S. Dollars) in financing for qualified overseas buyers of our U.S. Made LED Tubes. We can offer high quality LED tube and multi-tube fixture products to countries with high cost of electricity at low interest rates + low deposit levels, such as 15% deposits on 5 year terms. See: Financing Advantage

As one of the LED LIGHTFAIR Exhibitors, Independence LED appreciates all of the visitors to the exhibition booth and the follow up request for product information and samples.

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Buzz From LightFair: LED Leapfrogging, Rolling Retrofits

Source: Energy Manager Today

More on the retrofit referenced: Davis and Warshow

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A couple of trending terms coming out of LightFair International in Philadelphia this week are: rolling retrofits and LED leapfrogging, according to Charlie Szoradi, CEO of Independence LED, a manufacturer of LED tubes.

While some facility managers have taken a measured approach to lighting upgrades, replacing older fluorescents with newer models, Szoradi said there’s more talk of LED leapfrogging, or just jumping to the end-game and retrofitting with LEDs, rather than repeatedly paying for the labor of installing slightly better fluorescents.

Another approach being discussed on the floor and at LightFair sessions is rolling retrofits, where building owners simply replace burnt-out lights with LEDs. In that way, they don’t have to wait for a system-wide RFP, they just roll the retrofit into regular maintenance.

Szoradi says there are three factors to consider to maximize the return on investment of LEDs:

  1. run time,
  2. inefficiency of existing lights,
  3. cost of electricity.

Run time refers to how long the lights are turned on. The highest run times are locations where the lights are on 24×7. If the existing lights are highly inefficient, then obviously the return on investment of a retrofit will be higher. And markets with high costs of electricity are good places to retrofit with LEDs, as well. If a building is high on all of these factors, it’s the perfect application scenario for LEDs, says Szoradi.

For example, kitchen and bath supplier Davis & Warshow used products made by Independence LED to convert its entire 209,000-sq-foot Queens, NY, distribution center from fluorescent tubes to LED tube lighting last fall. As a facility with high lighting run times, outdated bulbs, and a location in an expensive electric market, it was a prime application for LEDs.

Davis & Warshow says it is the country’s first facility to achieve net zero lighting costs with LED tubes, thanks to a rooftop solar array installed in 2010 that provides more energy that the 200,000 annual kWh needed to power the lighting. Prior to the conversion, lighting equaled nearly 65 percent of the structure’s total power usage, costing almost $50,000 per year. It now has decreased to less than 50 percent of the building’s total energy use and costs less than $20,000 per year to run.

GREEN NEWS: The LED tube shines at LIGHT FAIR International: See Article