New Independence LED Pricing on DLC Listed LED High Bays 

Lower Total Cost of Ownership than other LEDs, T8, and T5 Fluorescent High Bays



WAYNE, PA, August 4, 2015 — Independence LED Lighting, the award-winning U.S. LED manufacturer of reliable and cost-effective LED High Bays, LED tubes, and commercial lighting solutions, announced today the latest pricing for its DLC Listed LED High Bay Fixtures.

Independence LED 2015 LED High Bay Fixture Highlights:

  • DLC Listed
  • Made in USA
  • 100,000 Hour Life
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Dimming Standard
  • Lumens: 12,200lm, 18,300lm, 24,400lm, and 36,600lm
  • Options: On-Board Sensors, Battery Back-Ups, and Reflectors for Aisle Lighting

See: High Bay Specification Sheets

Replacement for:  Metal Halide at 250, 400, and 1,000 watts, as well as T12, T8, and T5 fluorescent fixtures with 4, 6, or 8 tubes.

MSRP Starts under $265


Eq. watts (e.g. HID):     LED input watts:    Lumens:            lm/w:    MSRP:    Wholesale/Vol. Pricing:

250w-400w                 108w               12,200lm        113      $263.87           $211.10

400w                           162w               18,300lm        113      $373.58           $298.87

400w-800w                 216w               24,400lm        113      $503.85           $403.08

1,000w                                324w                    36,600lm            113        $721.98 $577.59

The LED high bays set a market benchmark, with low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) relative to other LEDs, multi-tube T8 and T5 fluorescent high bays, and outdated metal halides. TCO is increasingly used by industrial facility owners and managers to assess lighting options for new construction and warehouse, factory, and distribution center retrofits. TCO takes into account initial product cost, installation, and rebates, as well as operating, maintenance cost, and warranty.

Lighting decisions often focus on Return on Investment (ROI) and payback time. The new more efficient and lower cost Independence LED high bays deliver extremely high ROI and the lowest long-term cost of ownership. The favorable rebate environment delivers paybacks that are less than two and a half years in many cases and often less than one year for facilities running triple shift 24 x 7 or double shift 16 x 5 hours of operation.

This new generation of American Made high bays, is the third major release over five years by Independence LED. The latest fixtures are half of the cost of previous LED high bays and include improvements in output and sensor features.

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