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LED CASE STUDY: 50 Murray Street Apartments

See the advantages of LED Lighting in a Case Study for the 50 Murray Street Apartment Building in New York City’s Tribeca

Project: 50 Murray Street Apartments

Highlights: 21 Story Apartment Building with 389 Units

Address: 50 Murray Street New York, NY 10007

Owner: Clipper Equity, LLC (www.50murray.com)

LED Installation: 2011/2012

Opportunity for LED Lights: Tribeca meets grand living in this exceptional loft rental that demonstrated national leadership in energy intelligence by retrofitting with LED tubes and bulbs, making it the first major multi-family property in America to embrace the new technology. The existing 4’ 32 watt T8 fluorescent tubes, running 24/7 for 8,760h/year, in areas like the exit stairs, each consumed 280 kWh per year. At $.18/kWh, the T8 tubes cost $50.46 each per year to operate.

LED Lighting Solution: In addition to LED socket bulbs, Independence LED’s solution included providing 15 watt LED tubes that created an average energy savings of 53% over the existing fluorescent tubes. The new LEDs also reduced the maintenance labor to replace the less efficient bulbs and fluorescent tubes that burn out more frequently.

50 Murray Street LED Case Study Results: By reducing the tube wattage by an average of 53%, the annual savings is 148.92 kWh and $26.81 per tube every year. Over the approximate 7 year life of the LEDs at 24h/day, the lifetime energy savings is over $183 for every tube, plus 1,367 lbs in CO2 emission reduction. This 21 story building was erected in 1964 as an office building and converted about four decades later to a rental apartment building with 389 units. It is now a benchmark in the adoption of LED lighting in America.

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