Automotive LED Case Study

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Automotive LED CASE STUDY: Collision Care

See the advantages of LED Lighting in this LED Case Study for McCafferty Auto Group. This Automotive LED Retrofit profile includes details and photographs.

Project: Quality Collision Care Center

Highlights: Over 50 Years of Service and 300 employees

Address: 250 Woodbourne Rd, Langhorne, PA 19047

Owner: McCafferty Auto Group (

LED Installation: Spring 2014

Opportunity for LED Lights: Automotive detail shops must be well lit for service and safety, so workers can see every ‘nook and cranny’ of the vehicles and turn out quality work. Task lighting, high bay and workspace strip fixtures, all typically consume a great deal of electricity. Like similar facilities, Quality Collision Care used inefficient HO T12 fluorescent tubes and 1,000 watt metal halide fixtures. With an electricity rate of $.12/kWh, the annual lighting cost was over $28,000.

LED Lighting Solution: Independence LED ‘s Authorized Reseller, Round 2 Lighting, approached property owners McCafferty Auto Group with a solution to retrofit the T12 fluorescent and 1,000w Metal Halide fixtures with a combination of high-efficiency 22w Independence LED tubes and 44 watt Vapor Tight fixtures, plus an array of 298 LED high bays at 298 watts each. The new LED lamps produce an outstanding 70% energy savings and deliver more foot candles than the previous fixtures, significantly improving the quality of the light in the work areas. Additionally, McCafferty received a 10 year warranty which will all but eliminate maintenance costs for 10 years.

Automotive LED Case Study Results: Reducing the fixture wattages in the fluorescent and high bay fixtures, the annual savings is $19,896. Over the 19 year life of the LEDs at 16 hours/day, the lifetime energy savings is $521,000. With historical 3% average annual increase in energy cost and reduced bulb replacement and maintenance labor, the savings is closer to $535,000. This project also earned a major $26,000 energy rebate, bringing the payback to under two years and increased the ROI to 58%.

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