LED Lighting BootCamp Training with VIDEO, PHOTO, and GRAPHIC Files

Energy Fitness is key to American Energy Independence. Here are the LED BootCamp files with information and video training for Facility Managers and Sales Representatives

Supplements to the Live Training Program

Independence LED has developed these files to support our LED Lighting Solutions clients and our Authorized Resellers. The files supplement the live training programs that are conducted either at the Independence LED Headquarters in Greater Philadelphia or on-site at the Resellers offices. Facility Managers and Engineers have periodically asked to see these files, so they are posted below for convenience. The non-public files, such as the ROI Calculator software, Trade Pricing , and others are either password protected or distributed outside of this website for added BootCamp training. Prospective Authorized Resellers: See below as a preview and feel free to book Live Training Programs.


BootCamp TECH Presentation:


BootCamp PHOTOS of Retrofits:

Retrofit Photos – Multiple Property Types

Retrofit Photos – Distribution Center and National Chain


Sales Kit Tubes – Order Here

BootCamp VIDEO Modules:

Video Module 1 of 10: LED Tube Challenge

Video Module 2 of 10: LED Tube Solution

Video Module 3 of 10: LED Tube Heat Sinks

Video Module 4 of 10: LED Tube Production Efficiency

Video Module 5 of 10: LED Tube Industrial Strength

Video Module 6 of 10: LED Tube Key to Longevity

Video Module 7 of 10: LED Tube Energy Savings

Video Module 8 of 10: LED Tube Multi-Tube Fixtures

Video Module 9 of 10: LED Tube System Efficiency

Video Module 10 of 10: LED Tube US Factory

T12 Fluorescent to LED Retrofit Videos

T12 Fluorescent to LED Tube Retrofit: The T12 2′ Tubes

T12 Fluorescent to LED Tube Retrofit: The T12 4′ Tubes

T12 Fluorescent to LED Tube Retrofit: The T12 8′ Tubes

Sample Distribution Center Retrofit Videos and Case Study

Davis and Warshow – Better Light Testimonial

Davis and Warshow – Flip the Switch

Davis and Warshow – Case Study

BootCamp SUPPORT Modules: 

Independence LED Tube – US Factory Tour Preview

Independence LED Tube – Support Info Charts and Graphs

Independence LED Tube – Asymmetrical Features

Independence LED Tube – Authorized Reseller Sales Kit

Independence LED Tube – Field Testing

SPEC SHEETS – LED Tubes and Multi-Tube Fixtures: Spec Sheets Download Page

Below: VIDEO Modules in sequence from 1 to 10.

Graphic support files are included: Pause or Fast Forward >>