Perspective on the Potential Savings Impact with LED Lights – US Sq Ft by Property Type

See the breakdown of US Sq Ft by Property Type as a guide to review which property types are greater or lesser than others across America.

The following information is useful for lighting and energy professionals in identifying the scope of impact on savings with LED tubes and LED fixtures across different property types. Before the mainstream recognition of Commercial LED Lighting, we used the US Sq Ft by Property Type data to identify the “low hanging fruit” of energy efficiency. We started with the property types that had the long run times to maximize the ROI, and we focused on areas within buildings like exit stairs and base buildings running 24/7.

US Sq Ft by Property Type
U.S. Energy Information Administration
Figure 1. “All Buildings” and “Principal Building Activity” of Table A1
Table A1. Summary Table for All Buildings (Including Malls), 2003
Number of Buildings Total Floorspace Mean sq. ft. per Building Median sq. ft. per Building
(thousand) (million sq. ft.) (thousand) (thousand)
All Buildings: 4,859 71,658 14.7 5
Principal Building Activity
Education 386 9,874 25.6 7
Food Sales 226 1,255 5.6 2.8
Food Service 297 1,654 5.6 3.5
Healthcare – Inpatient 8 1,905 241.4 106
Healthcare – Outpatient 121 1,258 10.4 6
Lodging 142 5,096 35.8 12.5
Mercantile – Retail (other than mall) 443 4,317 9.7 4.8
Mercantile – Enclosed and Strip Malls 213 6,875 32.2 12.3
Office 824 12,208 14.8 4
Public Assembly 277 3,939 14.2 6.7
Public Order and Safety 71 1,090 15.5 5
Religious Worship 370 3,754 10.1 6
Service 622 4,050 6.5 2.8
Warehouse and Storage 597 10,078 16.9 5.2
Other 79 1,738 21.9 4.6
Vacant 182 2,567 14.1 3.7

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