Independence LED Lighting is your professional lighting solutions partner with American made LED manufacturing experience and insight. Established in 2007,  Independence LED is the LED lighting company that provides trusted LED lighting products and services. We bring you expertise from auditing to sourcing and from rebate administration to financing. Independence LED manufactures award winning, U.S. made technology from our Pennsylvania production facilities, and we enhance our offerings through strategic relationships with leading product and service companies. Independence LED delivers reliable and cost-effective LED lighting solutions. Period.

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For our U.S. LED manufacturing, we are committed to building the highest quality and most reliable commercial LED lighting products on the market. Our 10 Year Warranty and patent pending LED systems, with external independent drivers and aircraft grade aluminum deep fin heat sinks, consistently save 65% or more on electricity over T8 fluorescent tubes and metal halide fixtures. Our clients range from the Fortune 100 to the U.S. Navy.

Over the summer of 2010, Independence LED brought its manufacturing from China to southeastern Pennsylvania. The LED Tubes and Fixtures are Classified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and meet the Buy America standards of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Learn More from our Specification Sheets: LED Tubes, Retrofit Kits, and Fixtures

Independence LED provides the best in class 10 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty up to 100,000 hours on the entire LED system, including LED tubes and power supplies. Our products are DesignLights Consortium – DLC Listed to earn LED Rebates from utility companies. In addition to producing top quality lighting products, the Company offers comprehensive turn-key services to major corporate accounts and support services for its growing Authorized Reseller Network. Independence LED has led the industry with market firsts including and one of the largest LED tube retrofits in US history. Read our LED Retrofit and Installation Case Studies. The Company also won the Green Business of the Year Award by the Main Line Chamber of Commerce in 2011 and the Best Lighting Retrofit in 2013 by the U.S. Green Building Council for the Urban Green Award. The Greater Philadelphia operations include the headquarters in Wayne, PA and the manufacturing facilities in nearby Boyertown and Norristown, PA.

THE INDEPENDENCE LED TUBES: Our LED Tubes are cornerstone linear “modules” that range in length from 1 to 8 Feet, with color temperatures including Warm, Neutral, and Cool and output in Diode Density including Low, Medium, and High, with clear or frosted lenses.  The Independence LED Tube System includes a broad range of product variables in addition to the multiple end cap configurations and CRI to match existing retrofit conditions and customer needs. View our Spec Sheets.

WINNER: 2013 Best Lighting Retrofit. See: Media Coverage

LIGHTFAIR International: Independence LED exhibited at International Light Fair 2014, unveiling new DLC products such as our LED Parking Fixture.

THE MULTI-TUBE FIXTURES: The LED Fixtures are designed for both retrofit and new construction. The Fixtures include 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 Tube applications. The most common applications include Parking Garage Fixtures, High Bay Fixtures, Stair Tower Fixtures, Walk-In Refrigeration/Freezer Fixtures.

THE INDEPENDENCE SUPPORT SERVICES: To support its Clients and Authorized Reseller Network, Independence LED offers services such as On-Site Lighting Audits, Product Matching, Financing and Rebate Administration, and Installation Coordination.

100 Years of Family Innovation:

Independence LED’s Founder and Chairman, Charlie Szoradi, comes from a four generation line of patent holders, U.S. manufacturers, and innovators across the built world. More

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INDEPENDENCE LED Lighting is dedicated to leading the Solid State Lighting (SSL) market by manufacturing the most rigorously engineered and highest quality controlled energy-saving Light Emitting Diode (LED) linear modules and fixtures. In addition to producing category leading commercial grade LED products, we are committed to positive social impact through US job creation and positive environmental impact though CO2 emissions reduction. We also strive to support our Manufacturer Representatives and Authorized Resellers with the most user-friendly Return on Investment Software, Reporting and Presentation Tools, Financing and Rebate Programs, and overall Training Curriculum.

INDEPENDENCE LED Lighting’s Vision is to play an integral role in the Global Energy Revolution as a top manufacturer of LED Lighting Products and as a top provider of Sales Support Services. We believe that Return on Investment is the key driver to impact change and generate a paradigm shift away from incandescent, fluorescent, high intensity discharge, and other lighting that is less efficient than LEDs.


1. Technology Assessment – We provide comprehensive analysis into the areas of opportunity within the LED marketplace. This ranges from ongoing overseas travel to trade show attendance all in an effort to get perspective on trends and technological advancements.

2. Product R & D – We source materials and components from domestic US as well as global providers to manufacture ‘Best of Breed’ LED products. We manufacture in the US and meet the Buy America qualifications of the American Recovery and Reinvestment acts (ARRA). We research and develop products that meet the highest standards of performance and thermal management.

3. BETA Test Alignment – We work with key lighting designers, electrical service providers, installers, and energy reduction companies, to test the efficacy of our new products.

4. Measurement and Verification – We rigorously test products in-house as well as through third party providers to meet key LM79, LM80, ROHOS, and UL standards.

5. Re-Engagement – We continue working with our BETA Test Alignment partners and our Measurement and Verification team to improve our LED products.

INDEPENDENCE LED Lighting is built on the ‘DNA’ of Ten Core Values that interconnect and carry across all of our work and operation divisions.

1. Integrity – We identify challenges, tell the truth at all cost, and strive to deliver on our promise at every turn.

2. Pioneering Spirit – We take measured risks to break new ground.

3. Industry Leadership – We seize the opportunity to advance the cause of energy efficiency, and we inspire and motivate others to take action though a triple bottom Line Approach: People, Planet, and Profit.

4. Cooperation – We understand that it is a ‘Team Sport’ to undertake major initiatives in the Global Energy Revolution and the new Green Economy, so we look for mutually beneficial Strategic Partnerships with like minded organizations.

5. Critical Thinking – We take nothing for granted, ask the tough questions, get in the field, and overall gain the perspective to find opportunities that can impact meaningful change.

6. Technological Innovation – We look for both high-tech and low-tech means to streamline processes and advance products…all in an effort to create the most cost-effective solutions for our Authorized Reseller Network, the End-Users, and the overall Community.

7. Authenticity – We ‘Walk the Talk’ of the new Green Economy in our work and personal lives to the greatest extent possible.

8. Community Respect – We understand that companies and individuals grow stronger as their communities also prosper, so we participate as ‘Good Neighbors’ at the local, regional, national, and global levels.

9. Shared Prosperity – We look of the most equitable means to share the ‘Fruits of our Labor’ with our shareholders as well as the diverse and growing range of employees, consultants, and strategic partners that are the engine of our success.

10. Respect for the Eco-System – We understand the balance of nature and strive to find the ways to reduce our adverse impact on the system. We also follow two fundamental adages: ‘Think Globally and Act Locally’ and ‘REDUCE, RE– USE, and RECYCLE…plus RETHINK.”


INDEPENDENCE is the LED Lighting Company with Senior Management Team that works in a cross-functional capacity to ensure that the Company continues to produce the most technologically advanced and cost-effective lighting products with top thermal management and quality assurance. The team focuses on STRATEGY, OPERATIONS and FINANCE to identify growth opportunities in the dynamically changing global LED Marketplace and add value for the Company’s Shareholders, Clients and growing national and international Authorized Reseller Network. For Full Bios, see LEADERSHIP BIOS



Charlie Szoradi is the Chairman and CEO of Independence LED Lighting, LLC, a leading U.S. manufacturer of high-efficiency LED fixtures and a lighting solutions provider with comprehensive support services for property owners and managers. Mr. Szoradi brings multiple decades of hands on experience to sustainability and cost-savings for retrofits and new construction. He focuses on high performance architecture, and in the early 1990s he wrote his Masters of Architecture thesis on Energy Intelligence – “Eco-Humanism.” Mr. Szoradi is a graduate of the University of Virginia, and he earned his Masters from the University of Pennsylvania.

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