Think globally and act locally. Our Made in USA LED lighting products, that we manufacture in Pennsylvania, are installed around the world.  We have a sales channel with experienced lighting professionals, and whenever possible, we proudly support US veterans, minority, and women owned businesses for contracting, distribution, and installation.

Made in USA LED Lighting – Buy American Act (BAA) Compliant + Complete Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions

Manufacturing…Auditing…Sourcing…Rebate Admin…Financing…More. Ask about our latest Made in USA lighting fixtures with advanced smart controls and in-field programming options.

Independence LED Lighting is your professional lighting solutions partner with American made LED manufacturing experience and insight. Established in 2007, we provide trusted LED lighting products and services.

We work with experienced lighting sales representatives for the products that we produce, and we also bring you expertise from auditing to sourcing and from rebate administration to financing. Independence LED manufactures award winning, made in USA LED lighting technology from our Pennsylvania production facilities. Our technology is Buy American Act (BAA) Compliant, manufactured in the U.S.A with over 50% domestic components.  We also enhance our offerings through strategic relationships with leading product and service companies. Independence LED delivers reliable and cost-effective LED lighting solutions. Period.

Independence LED


Independence LED Lighting is one of the very first authentic US manufacturers of commercial LED light fixtures, with installations ranging from the US military to the Fortune 100. Our technology saves 50% or more over traditional lighting, lasts five times longer, is toxic free, and is also smart control enabled for dimming, occupancy sensing, and natural light harvesting. In 2010, Independence LED brought the manufacturing from China to southeastern Pennsylvania and has since won awards ranging from the Green Business of the Year to the Best Lighting Retrofit by the US Green Building Council. Independence LED Lighting is committed to providing comprehensive support to its sales channel of lighting representatives and agencies. We offer the industry leading 10 year warranty, and 2017 marked our 10 year anniversary of delivering reliable and cost-effective lighting solutions. Our technology is Buy American Act (BAA) Compliant, manufactured in the U.S.A with over 50% domestic components.

Business – Advantages to working with us:

  • Our Sales Reps get positive “Thank You” calls from customers – We deliver top quality technology with on-time deliveries without excuses for Chinese new year and customs issues.
  • Top Customer Experience – You ask, and it gets done!
  • Proven Case Studies – Your customers can see the result
  • Competitive Pricing – Lowest Total Cost of Ownership
  • $0 Upfront Cost Options – Cash flow positive from day one
  • Custom Engineering – Specialty fixture design

Technology – Unique to Independence for “Spec Locker”  performance:

  • Direct Current (DC) Lighting and Microgrid system technology – State-of-the-art for maximum energy efficiency and energy resilience
  • Remote Pendant System – Great for open, drop ceilings, & asymmetrical up/down illumination
  • Aisle Lights with advanced optics – Great for high ceilings in distribution centers and warehouses with narrow aisles
  • Smart Control Technology “Enabled” – Great for adding RFID, Bluetooth, LIiFi and more
  • Magnetic Strip Kits – Great for troffer retrofits as option over LED tubes
  • Type C (external driver) LED tubes – all lengths including 8’ LED tubes at multiple output levels and colors all of which are “isolated” from tombstones for delamping and maximum savings

Independence LED Lighting advantages over other companies and products:

Independence LED manufactures high performance illumination products through advanced engineering, inclusion of top quality components, and quality assurance throughout the production process.

Authentic MADE IN USA LED lighting for energy-efficient luminaires

Buy American Act (BAA) Compliant

Trade Agreements Act (TAA) Compliant

Extremely high USA content: Over 80% in many cases

Industry leading 10 Year Warranty, without “fine print” that limits run times and components

Proven Performance Track Record with failures less than 0.0001% (1 in 10,000)

Longevity with Case Studies, dating back many years

Advanced Thermal Management (e.g. Top Printed Circuit Boards (PCBs) aluminum vs FR4 and deep fin aluminum heat sinks)

Top Drivers with dimming standard and options for in-field programming, subject to fixture

High Efficiency (lumens / watt)

Emergency backup batteries: Lithium vs nickel-cadmium

Company history: over 10 years of operation

Support Information:

Made in USA LED lighting – Public and Private Sector Solutions with sample case studies: Solutions File

Commercial LED Lighting Product Catalog with specification highlights: Catalog

CAPABILITIES STATEMENT – Independence LED Lighting for Government Sales

Mission Statement and More About Us

See examples of our made in USA LED lighting: Featured Clients

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