The Ripple Effect of American Job Creation


See the American Job Creation through one of the leading American LED Light Manufacturers with 10 Year Warranty USA Made LED Lights.

U.S. LED Manufacturing is a powerful engine that is helping to drive American economic recovery, because it produces a diverse range of American jobs over the course of reducing the operating cost on American businesses by 50% or more on lighting.  The powerful ripple effects in the new energy economy comes from the number of jobs that are either created or sustained through LED Manufacturing. U.S. Made LED Tube Manufacturing is an example of how a technology can create jobs far beyond the engineering of the core product. Independence LED moved the manufacturing of its LED tubes from China to Boyertown, PA in Q2 2010 and has seen a tremendous lift in demand resulting in clients that range from industrial Distribution Centers to Fortune 100 Companies and from independent businesses to National Chains. Independence LED has also seen the ripple effect of job creation across a surprisingly high number of related businesses.

The photograph on this page reflects the range of impact on energy efficiency with some of the attendees of an Independence LED monthly training: LED Boot Camp. The training includes a combination of presentations, workshops and a tour of the U.S. LED Manufacturing facility. This photograph at the factory includes a cross section of some key participants in the “Circle of Energy Reduction”:  A Lighting Designer, Energy Efficiency Solutions Provider, Manufacturer’s Representative, Property Manager, Energy Analyst, and Account Manager. Trainees for the monthly LED Boot Camps have come from across the U.S. and across a diverse range of business backgrounds. As the overseas requests increase from Energy Efficiency firms and Distributors to represent Independence LED, the Company will offer more webinar, skype, multi-media, and online training support, in addition to trips for overseas training.

The sample list below reflects some of the American jobs and overall job categories that are created by Independence LED and through LED Tube Manufacturing, specifically U.S. LED Manufacturing vs. overseas LED Manufacturing:

  1. LED Tube initial and ongoing Market Research
  2. LED Tube Production Specific Research and ongoing Product Improvement and Development (American Job creation advantage with U.S. LED Manufacturing)
  3. LED Tube Engineering (American Job creation advantage with U.S. LED Manufacturing)
  4. LED Tube Shipping Package Design (American Job creation advantage with U.S. LED Manufacturing)
  5. LED Tube Manufacturing of Components, such as Deep Fin Aluminum Heat Sinks and Polycarbon Lenses (American Job creation advantage with U.S. LED Manufacturing)
  6. LED Tube Manufacturing Assembly (American Job creation advantage with U.S. LED Manufacturing)
  7. LED Tube Shipping Package Production, such as Cardboard Boxes and Custom Foam Inserts (American Job creation advantage with U.S. LED Manufacturing)
  8. LED Tube Shipping Package Production, such as Shipping Pallets
  9. LED Tube Fulfillment, Loading, and Transportation, such as short and long haul trucking
  10. LED Tube Marketing, Package Design, Trade Shows, and Collateral Printing
  11. LED Tube Accounting Services, in house and outside firms
  12. Energy Auditing for field analysis, lighting counts and software development to identify the most cost-effective retrofit areas for savings
  13. LED Tube Installation for Property Retrofits and New Construction
  14. LED Tube Energy Measurement and Verification for Pre and Post installation review and sub metering for certain applications
  15. LED Tube Customer Service for Authorized Reseller Networks and End Users (American Job creation advantage with U.S. LED Manufacturing)
  16. LED Tube Equipment Loans, Leases, and/or Saving Share Financial services through debt service or energy saving performance contracts
  17. LED Tube Legal support, in house and outside firms for Patents and ongoing services (American Job creation advantage with U.S. LED Manufacturing)
  18. LED Tube New Business creation for Value Added Service Providers, Lighting Designers, Energy Service Companies, Distributors, Dealers, and Electrical Contractors
  19. LED Tube Training on Return on Investment “Consulting Sales” and Installation
  20. LED Tube Architectural Services for Energy Star and LEED retrofits for new construction and a generation of new “Smart Controls” that work with LED Tubes and Multi-Tube LED fixtures.

This American wave of job creation all stated by making the commitment to increase quality controls and bringing the Independence LED Manufacturing from China back to America in 2010. See the LED Tube Technology Differentiator presentation that includes information and images on the U.S. production facility and packaging. Also see this page for videos and a file with a U.S. Factory Tour Preview.

Jobs often start with internships for students, who want to become Next Generation Sustainability Professionals. See: Cleantech Internship Program