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LED CASE STUDY: Public Service LEDs

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Project: W.F. Bruen Rescue Squad

Highlights: Bruen Rescue responded to 1,832 calls for help in 2012

Address: 1116 Redmill Rd, Rensselaer NY 12144

Owner: Municipality

LED Installation: 2013

Opportunity for LED Lights: Like many Public Safety and Service facilities Bruen Rescue had a combination of inefficient 95 watt 8’ T12 fluorescent tubes and troffers with two and four 32 Watt T8 tubes. With 10 hours per day in the offices and recreation room, that the community can use for events, and run time of 3,650h/year, each 4’ troffer fixture used 467 kWh per year. At a $.16/kWh electricity rate, each fixture cost $74/75 per year to operate.

LED Lighting Solution: Independence LED’s Authorized Reseller, ERSI, based in Albany, NY, provided the LED “De-Lamping” solution, reducing four 4’ 32 watt tubes down to a pair of 4’ 16 watt LED tubes to created an average energy savings of 75% over the existing fluorescent fixtures.

Public Service LEDs Case Study Results:  By reducing the wasted energy in the recreation room by an average of 75%, the annual savings is 350 kWh and $56.06 per fixture every year. Over the approximate 16 year life of the LED’s at 10h/day, the lifetime energy savings is over $920. The environmental impact of the retrofit is significant. At the U.S. average of 1.34 lbs of CO2 emission reduction for every kWh saved, each fixture retrofit saves 7,718 lbs of CO2 over the long life of the energy saving LED technology.

Community Rec Room

Retrofit Highlights:

Rec Room: (26) 4’ fixtures

in addition to:

Bay Areas: (15) 8’ fixtures

Six Offices: (12) 4’ fixt.

Two Bathrooms: (2) 4’ fixt.

Utility & Storage: (5) 4’ fixt.

Bunk Rooms: (10) 4’ fixt.

Plus, Elevator and Hallways

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