Go with the Best Built LED Tube Light system that has the strongest 10 Year Warranty.

This American Made Lighting has the lowest total cost of ownership of any LED Tube Light on the market.

Since the mid 1950s fluorescent tubes have dominated commercial and industrial lighting.  The most common 4’ (1200m) tube became a commodity, but the universe of thousands of lighting applications across different types of fixtures and facilities has opened a door to a world of custom manufacturing.  New LED Tube Light technology provides opportunities to dramatically improve efficiency but also adapt to the output and functionality needs across the global illumination landscape.

Since we moved our manufacturing from China to Pennsylvania in 2010, we have seen a surprising number of requests for custom LED tubes beyond our standard lengths, color temperatures, and lumen outputs. The LED Tube Light projects range from special length tubes for industry leading international fast food  chains to tubes in custom explosion proof fixtures for the U.S. military. We also receive ultra bright output requests for refrigerated cases in national convenience stores and hydroponic indoor grow lights with full color spectrum illumination.

Range of Choices:

If you let us know the following parameters, we will provide you with a cost to build your desired LED Tube Light. Each LED tube will include our industry leading deep fin aircraft grade aluminum heat sinks and external independent drivers.


Length (2’, 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, 8’, or custom):

Color Temperature (3500K, 4000K, 5000K, or custom):

Color Rendering Index (CRI 70, 85, or custom):

End Caps (Bi-Pin, Single Pin, or HO):

Lens: (Clear, or Frosted):

Dimming (Yes/No):

Target Directional Lumens: (your estimate):

For Special Requests on LED Tube Lights:


Custom Build-A-Tube Request Form

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