The T12 Ban started July 14, 2012

CASH for CLUNKERS Lighting is a program specifically developed to assist American Business owners with the U.S. Department of Energy’s July 14, 2012 ban on inefficient fluorescent tubes.

2014 Budget: $10,000,000

Eligibility: U.S. Owned Businesses

Registration Dates: January 1 to July 4, 2014 (Extended to December 31, 2016 via certain Grant and Incentive Programs)

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CASH for CLUNKERS Lighting not only covers the cost of the banned fluorescent tubes, but it also covers the cost of proper disposal of the toxic tubes and ballasts, and the cost of a Return on Investment (ROI) Lighting Assessment. The program is specifically for U.S. businesses choosing to save 60% or more on electricity by retrofitting with the energy efficient American Made Independence LED Tubes over the banned T12 fluorescents. To further assist qualified business owners, Independence LED has included optional $0 down financing programs with cash flow positive results from the first month.


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How Many T12s are out there?

48.1%: T8s 1,148,222,000 Tubes

39.5%: T12s 941,335,000 Tubes

12.4%: T5s or Miscellaneous 295,842,000 Tubes

(See the Data from the DOE in this T12 White Paper)

THREE POINT Cost Coverage:

Cost of T12 Tubes

CASH for CLUNKERS Lighting pays businesses what they paid up to $4 for 4’ tubes or shorter and up to $8 for tubes over 4’.  If records are not available from the date of purchase, the program administrators will provide a replacement value based on current market retail prices. The payment is made as a rebate netted against the final cost of the LED replacement tubes.

Cost of Proper Disposal of T12 Tubes and Ballast

CASH for CLUNKERS Lighting absorbs this cost directly. In the event that the Qualifying Business manages the installation or contracts with a third party, CFC-Lighting pays up to $.10 per linear foot per tube and up to $.50 per ballast for proper disposal. CFC-Lighting reserves the right to schedule pick-ups and coordinate the disposal upon mutual approval of scheduling with the Qualifying Business.

Cost of Return on Investment (ROI) Assessment

CASH for CLUNKERS Lighting provides analysis through the Independence LED Account Managers or members of the Authorized Reseller Network. The LED Lighting Retrofit Return on Investment (ROI) Assessment produces a Saving Report for review by property owners and managers. Qualifying Businesses can choose to submit the key assessment data such as the total weekly hours of run time on the lighting, the cost of electricity per kWh, the length and wattages of the tubes, and the size of the facility. If companies also provide the name of the utility company, the Rebate team will assess the incentive opportunities. See page #4 of this file for a sample Savings Report.


Installation: Qualifying businesses may choose to install the LED tubes themselves, with an outside provider of their choosing or request coordination and support from Independence LED’s designated Account Manager

$0 Down Financing Eligibility: Independence LED works with multiple financing partners that offer $0 down payment solutions that yield cash-flow positive results in the first month. Approval for this option is subject to a credit review that includes two year of trailing tax returns or audited financials.


Sample Case Study – Over 2 Miles of installed LEDs replacing T12s

Retrofit Photos – Multiple Property Types

Technology Differentiation – 10 Point Advantage


2’ T12 Video

4’ T12 Video

8’ T12 Video




T12 to LED Tube White Paper


T12 Ban DOE Fact Sheet

T12 Ban EPAct Amendments

White House Memorandum Dec 2011

About Independence LED Lighting

Independence LED is a U.S. Manufacturer of high-efficiency LED tubes and fixtures that replace the less efficient fluorescent tubes that dominate commercial lighting.

The Company moved the manufacturing of its LED tubes from China to Boyertown, PA in Q2 2010.  They have seen a tremendous lift in demand with clients now range from industrial Distribution Centers to Fortune 100 Companies and from independent businesses to National Chains. Over the course of 2011 Lockheed Martin’s engineering team conducted the reviews and approved the Independence LED tube system over others for the coveted Con Edison Rebates in the NYC Metro Market. The Independence LED “External Driver” system has set a new standard, and it also earned the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and the Compliance European (CE) Listings on the complete driver and tube retrofit kit system. Their Deep Fin thermal management and Flex Density™ system provide cost-effective U.S. manufacturing with scale and reliability. For property owners and managers, the LED tubes cut the cost of electricity by 50% or more over fluorescent tubes. In 2011, the company won the Green Business of the Year Award from the Main Line Chamber of Commerce.

To review their Technology Differentiation, Spec Sheets, and Retrofit Photo files, plus Videos, please see this page of their

Sample Media Coverage – We are pleased that over 250 Domestic and International Media providers picked up the story to reach a diverse audience ranging from property owners to lighting managers.