T8 LED Tube Light and LED Fixtures with UL and CE Declaration of Conformity

Choose a T8 LED Tube Light and LED Fixtures that not only meet UL and CE conformity but also have 10 Year Warranty protection and American Made Lighting Quality Standards.

Independence LED Lighting is an award-winning company that produces the Best Built LED Tube Lighting system with the strongest 10 Year Warranty on the market. The American Made Lighting also has the lowest total cost of ownership in addition to the platinum level quality assurance and proven reliability in ceilings across the U.S.

Buildings use about 40% of U.S. energy, and lighting accounts for over 20% of commercial electricity in buildings. Since LED lights save 50% or more of the energy over traditional lights, energy saving LED lighting solutions are helping to build American Energy Independence and American Energy Security. T8 fluorescent 4’ tubes are ubiquitous across commercial ceilings, and they typically use 32 watts. The latest generation of LED Lighting like the most advanced T8 LED Tube Light can run on as little as 12 watts. The T8 LED Tube light is the new building block of commercial lighting. For more information on the Made in USA Lighting by Independence LED: Contact Us


We declare under our sole responsibility that the following products:

Product Name: Eagle LED Tube Retrofit Kit
Product Type: LED Tube Light

Model Number System:

“t” – Length (2 to 8′)
“u” – Color Temperature (1=3500K, 2=4300K, 3=5500K … etc)
“w” – PCB Density (1=60, 2=72, 3=96LED/ft)
“y” – Base (1=Dual, 2=Single, 3=HO)
“z” – Lens (1=Frosted, 2=Clear)

“p” – Product Category (R – RetroFit Kit)
“t” – Number of Tubes (1 … 9)
“a” – Length (4′(1200mm))
“ww” – Tube Wattage (01 … 29W)
“ccc” – ANSI Color Bin (30K=3000K, 35K=3500K,
460=460nm, 520=520nm, etc.)
“rr” – CRI (70=>70, 85=80-85, 95=90-95)
“y” – Lens Type (F=Frosted, C=Clear)
“Bb” – Base (1=Single Pin, 2=G13(T8), 3=HO, 4=T5)
“Vg” – Voltage: 1=100-277VAC (Single), 2=100-277VAC (Surface &
“z” – Dimming ([]= None, DIM=Dimming)

to which this declaration relates is in conformity with the following standards or other normative

EN 62031:2008
EN 62471:2008
EN 60598:2008
EN 61347-1:2008
EN 61347-2-13:2006
EN 61547:2009
EN 55015:2006
EN 61000-3-2:2006
EN 61000-3-3:2008

the provisions of the following Directives:

Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2006/95/EC
Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive 2004/108/EC
Artificial Optical Radiation Directive 2006/25/EC
Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) 2002/95/EC

Date of issue: May 2013
Place of issue: Wayne, PA, USA