Becoming an Independence LED Channel Sales Member.


1. The right Thermal Management & Made in America Quality
2. Support Services to Attract, Engage, and Retain Clients
3. High Return on Investment for End Users
4. Marketing Exposure & Sales Channel Showcases through our Distributor News
5. More Profits for You

PLUS, TERRITORY PROTECTION with exclusivity in cites, states, and/or regions for qualified members. This also includes LEAD GENERATION from inquiries on our website and inbound calls that we pass on to you.
Overall, If you don’t sell LEDs to your clients…someone else will.

Prospective Sales Channel Members:
To learn more about becoming a Sales Channel Member, please complete the form below. To date, we have worked with a diverse range of member companies across the US and overseas, so we are well positioned to tailor training and sales programs. The “Service Areas” and “Property Sectors” fields below also helps us align your business within our regional sales organizations and determine exclusivity. We naturally reserve the right to reject certain applications to protect existing members and avoid unnecessary channel conflicts.

For more information, please email

To expedite our response: Please include “Independence LED SALES MEMBER Network” in the subject line, and let us know in the content some highlight on your business or a link to your website.