Class A-10 “Advanced” LED Tube Standards Technology

Here are LED Tube Standards that are a key checklist to  guide purchase decisions. Tip: Look for Long Warranty protection and American Made Lighting Quality Standards

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The International Class-A “Advanced” LED Tube Standards include 10 Criteria that sets the benchmark for highest performance in the LED Tube industry. The Independence LED tubes system has reached Class A-10 status.

#1: Efficiency: 100 lumens / watt or higher.

Independence LED: 112  l/w at CRI 70 and 100  l/w at CRI 85

#2: Longevity: 50,000 hour rated life or higher with third party LM80 testing.

Independence LED: 50,000 hour life (L70) with LM80 testing.

#3: UL Certification: Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Classified, not just recognized LED Driver.

Independence LED: UL Classified.

#4: CE Certification: Conformity European.

Independence LED conforms to the following directives:

Artificial Optical Radiation Directive: 2006/25/EC

Low Voltage Directive (LVD): 2006/95/EC

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Directive: 2004/108/EC

Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS): 2002/95/EC

#5: ISO-9001:2008 Certification: The International Organization for Standardization to foster consistency in LED Tube product delivery and quality assurance.

Independence LED: Certified 2013: ISO-9001:2008

#6: Thermal Management: Heat Sinks with over 7” (17.78cm) of circumferential “perimeter” conductive surface.

Independence LED: 9.13” ( 23.19cm) of circumferential conductive surface via its deep fin aluminum heat sinks.

#7: Power Supply: External Driver with multi-tube Driver Options for fixtures.

Independence LED: Single, Double, Triple, Quad, and Six Tube External Driver configurations.

#8: Warranty: 10 years or longer on both the Tube and Power Supply.

Independence LED: 10 Year Limited Lifetime Warranty up to 60,000 hours on the Entire LED System, on both the LED Tubes and Power Supplies.

#9: Rebate Ready Products: Performance Criteria across multiple regions and countries.

Independence LED: The company’s tubes were some of the very first to qualify and set  the rebate standards in 2011 through the industry leading Con Edison Commercial and Industrial Incentive program, administered by Lockheed Martin. An additional U.S. example: The DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Qualified Products List, ranging from Troffer fixtures to Industrial High Bay fixtures, sets minimum lumen output levels per fixture. The Independence LED multi-tube fixtures meet or exceed key levels. For example, the 2’x 4’ (4) Tube Troffer fixture emits 4,000 lumens and the 4’ (6) Tube High Bay fixture emits 19,000 lumens. Utility companies increasingly use DLC for the LED Tube Standards.

#10: LED Tube Light Quality and Control: Color Rendering Index (CRI) options for 80 or higher + Dimming down to 20% or lower + Beam angle adjustment within existing tombstone end brackets.

Independence LED Lighting Solutions offers all three of these light quality and control features in #10 of the LED Tube Standards