Correctional Facility LED Exterior Lighting for maximum cost-effective energy savings and maximum perimeter safety

Each Correctional Facility LED Exterior Lighting opportunity has its own set criteria. We have worked with a diverse range of contractors and end users over the past decade. Whether you are lighting a prison or parking lot, there are general standards and recommended practices for using the correct lighting solution and the best design approaches for sites with certain characteristics. Prison perimeters perform the dual task of keeping inmates inside the fence while preventing intruders from delivering contraband items into the facility. Independence LED Lighting offers a wide range of Correctional Facility LED Lighting fixtures and sensors to suit any outdoor lighting requirements and maintain the highest levels of safety.

Correctional Facility LED Exterior Lighting


Given the diversity of exterior property configurations, please feel free to email us the existing lighting descriptions, or a “wish list” with a lighting schedule of the fixtures that you seek. The information will sever as a foundation for an initial call, proposal, or wholesale pricing and availability response from our team, specific to Correctional Facility LED Exterior Lighting as well as your other lighting needs.

The Independence LED Lighting Correctional Facility LED lighting series includes the following key areas of focus:

Correctional Facility LED Lighting

Correctional Facility LED Tube

Correctional Facility LED Exterior Lighting (this page)

Correctional Facility LED Lighting Sensors

Correctional Facility Air Conditioning Optimization

Air conditioning and lighting are the two largest consumers of electricity for commercial and institutional facilities, making them natural “siblings” for operating cost reduction. Independence LED Lighting is pleased to offer advanced Air Conditioning Optimization through our strategic partnership with the Energy Intelligence Center. The proven algorithm technology “tunes” existing equipment without disruption or any upfront costs, and it integrates with existing Building Management Systems (BMS).

To learn more about our technology beyond the Correctional Facility LED Exterior Lighting, visit our LED Lighting Case Studies page and feel free to Contact Us or call for references. You may also want to review our LED Lighting Customer Testimonials over the course of you process to select the right LED lighting company for your facility. More info: Independence LED Lighting Catalog and LED Lighting Solutions.

Channel Sales:

We welcome participation in our Correctional Facility LED Exterior Lighting and other LED Lighting by Government Contractors, Manufacturer Representatives, Value Added Resellers, ESCOs, and Electrical Contractors: Contact Independence LED Lighting Channel Sales for wholesale pricing and engagement details by volume and territories in the US and overseas.