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LED CASE STUDY: Distribution Center – Winner of the Best Lighting Retrofit Award

See the project Winner of the Best Lighting Retrofit by the US Green Buildng Council for the Urban Green Award – Learn more in this Distribution Center Case Study with LED Lights from a leading US LED Light Manufacturer.

Project: Davis & Warshow Distribution Center

Highlights: Winner Urban Green Council “Best Lighting Retrofit”

Address: 57-22 49th Street Maspeth/Queens, NY 11378

Owner: Davis & Warshow (

LED Installation: Summer 2012

Opportunity for LED Lights: The green-minded owners of Davis & Warshow installed a 238.74 kilowatt solar array on the roof of their 209,000 sq. ft. distribution center. The system was capable of producing an annual energy output of 268,574 kWh. But the facility had inefficient 8’ T12 fluorescent tubes that used 412,236 kWh per year, resulting in an annual lighting cost of $49,880.

LED Lighting Solution: Independence LED provided an LED solution that created an annual energy savings of 62%. The LED lights reduced the annual kWh to 157,524, enabling Davis & Warshow to become the first facility in America with a “Net Zero Cost of Lighting” through the combination of energy production with the Solar, and energy reduction with the LEDs.

Winner of the Best Lighting LED Case Study Results: By reducing the fixture wattage from 130 to 70, the annual energy savings is 254,710 kWh, producing an electricity savings of $30,820 per year. Over the life of the LEDs the energy savings will be approximately $246,560. In addition to producing a Net Zero Cost of Lighting, the project also earned a $63,704 rebate from the energy provider ConEdison. With over 2 miles of LEDs, this energy efficiency project won the 2013 “Best Lighting Retrofit” by the Urban Green Council.

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