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Our LED Distributors see the value in our robust technology and 10 Year Warranty protection. As one of the top US LED Light Manufacturers, we understand that American quality counts. We have also created production efficiency and recent sales volume increases where the cost of our components has come down. We now offer the lowest lifetime Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) for LED tubes, LED vapor tight fixtures, LED high bay fixtures, as well as new LED aisle lights, LED stair lights, LED troffers and many others for end users and LED distributors. Below, you can see sample profiles of some of our Authorized Resellers.

Sample feedback from LED Distributor members on Independence LED products at the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference. See: Video Interviews

Energy Management Systems, Inc. (EMS)

About:  HQ: Exton, Pennsylvania

Energy Management Systems, Inc. (EMS) was founded in 1980 and initially provided meter reading and billing services in the Greater Philadelphia region. Today EMS now reads meters across the entire United States and provides a multitude of other energy related solutions to commercial, office, retail and multi-family property owners and managers such as utility consulting, design, supply, install and servicing of submetering systems, energy procurement, expense management and high efficiency lighting.  EMS has become the comprehensive energy solution provider to thousands of residential and commercial properties nationwide.

EMS works with clients not just as a service provider, but as a trusted partner who provides comprehensive energy solutions. Whether designing a new metering system for a proposed building or replacing utility equipment in an older building, EMS possesses the expertise to keep all systems running smoothly. EMS brings over 30 years of experience to support clients at each step of every energy project. Customers enjoy the benefits and efficiency of comprehensive energy solutions by partnering with EMS for all of their utility and energy projects.


Sample Specialty LED Distributors:

Electronics Recycling and Scrapping, Inc. (ERSI)

About:  HQ: Albany, New York

ERSI is dedicated to environmentally friendly and socially responsible computer, electronics & universal waste management. They believe in recycling electronics like computers & CRT’s responsibly by using highly trained employees and equipment to dismantle electronics in the United States, instead of exporting waste to 3rd world countries. ERSI is now adding to its services LED products to end users and wholesalers.  “We are pleased to have become an Independence LED Distributor of the best linear tube being manufactured today, that is also manufactured  in the U.S.A.  We are going to grow our LED business off of the heals of the recycling business, and the lighting development will bring us a more diverse client base.” – Todd D’Alleva, Vice President, ERSI. “We welcome ERSI to our network and encourage our other Authorized Reseller to use ERSI for disposal of toxic fluorescent tubes and ballasts.” – Charlie Szoradi, CEO Independence LED.

Crescent Energy

About:  HQ: New York, New York

Crescent Energy was founded in 2003 as a division of Crescent Consulting, a 100% Minority Owned Consulting Management Services firm. Since the launch of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System, the growth and interest in green building projects has spread rapidly. Owners are quickly realizing the benefits of constructing environmentally conscious buildings coupled with cost-effective design and systems that ultimately result in cost savings.  In 2003, the partners of Crescent Consulting recognized this growth in the construction industry and the need to provide professional consulting services for various Energy and Green Building Programs, thereby creating Crescent Energy as a Division of Crescent Consulting. Crescent Energy manages Energy and Green Building Programs for its clients so that they can maximize the full benefits these programs offer, as well as comply with Federal, State and City Energy and Green Build Initiatives. Crescent’s knowledge in the practical application of the various Energy and LEED programs and hands on approach, coupled with our strong administrative background makes our team well suited in helping our clients achieve LEED certification and realize various Energy Cost Savings benefits. Crescent’s Partners and Staff have extensive years experience in the professional arena as administrative management consultants for the construction industry. Crescent understands the importance of implementing Energy Cost Savings programs, sustainable building initiatives and the LEED Rating System. Crescent has the expertise to provide the necessary support to assist our clients in achieving their specified Energy goals.


Sample Specialty LED Distributors: Island Retrofitters


About: HQ: Talofofo, Guam

The cost of electricity on islands around the world is typically significantly higher than on the main lands.  Guam is no exception. GET, LLC is a Women-Owned and Minority-Owned Small Business serving Federal and local government agencies and commercial businesses of Guam and the Western Pacific in the areas of business-to-business services, furniture case goods, construction supplies, materials and equipment. GET, LLC is a proud member of the National Association of Women in Construction, Manufacturers’ Agents National Association and Associate Member of the Guam Contractors Association. Independence LED is pleased to include GET LLC in its Authorized Reseller Network.

Intellectrics Company

About: HQ: Kingstown, Jamaica

Intellectrics is dedicated to building on the foundation of relationships forged across the islands to deploy new energy saving LED lighting to the Caribbean. Their focus includes but is not limited to offering Independence LED tube lights and LED fixtures across the island nations of the Caribbean. The following breakdown includes the service area islands and the (#) following each is the number of islands in each chain. The islands: Anguilla (2), Antigua-and-Barbuda (37), Aruba (4), Bahamas (501- largest being Andros Island not Bahama), Barbados (2 – used to have 3 but Pelican Island is now absorbed into Barbados through land reclamation, 1956-1961) British Virgin Islands (43), Cayman Islands (12), Cuba(23), Dominica(2), Dominican Republic (13), Grenada (39), Guadeloupe (38), Haiti (6), Honduras (6), Jamaica(2), Martinique (50), Montserrat (3), Netherlands Antilles (25- this includes half of Saint Martin,) Puerto Rico (142), Saint Barthélemy (13), Saint Kitts-and-Nevis(20), Saint Lucia (17), Saint Martin (8), Saint Vincent-and-the-Grenadines (39), Trinidad-and-Tobago (21), Turks-and-Caicos Islands (58), United States Virgin Islands (81).


Sample Specialty LED Distributors: CleanTech Providers

CVAWE (Central Virginia Wind Energy)

About: HQ: Charlottesville, Virginia

CVAW is an example of one of the “CleanTech” Energy companies that Independence LED works with to help their clients reduce overall operating expenses. CVAW demonstrated the value proposition of the Independence LED tube lights to the Veterans Administration (VA) Hospital in Durham, NC, and that facility now stands as one of the benchmarks in the ongoing efforts to reduce the cost of healthcare in America. The combination of Renewable Energy “Production” has a natural counterpoint with Energy “Reduction”. CVAWE believes in solving the reduction root of the problem first, before jumping into a renewable energy project. Most consumers are burning more fossil fuels then needed. President Dan Boyle says, “Don’t put the cart before the horse. You will save more money in the long term if you reduce your demand first. By reducing your demand, you also reduce the necessary size of a renewable energy system.” CVAWE offers a variety of LED replacement bulbs for commercial and residential buildings. Due to the higher costs of LED lights, it is wise to replace higher wattage bulbs first that run the longest. Commercial buildings are best to start with emergency stairwell lighting, garage lighting and hallway lighting. Without any rebates or incentives, these lighting retrofits will have a return on investment in the vicinity of 2 years. CVAWE has worked hard to find the best LED retrofit lights on the Market. There is a wide variety of costs and quality associated with LED lighting and we have the answer to your questions. President Boyle, goes on to say, “We strive to supply our customers with the right light at the right price. We will also help with rebates and incentives.”

Dynamic Solar

About: HQ: Greater Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dynamic solar is another example of a renewable energy company that is aligned with Independence LED to develop overall energy reduction solutions for public and private sector facilities across America. With funding secured for projects in New York, the synergy with Dynamic Solar and Independence LED works well given the high cost per kWh in the NYC Market. Dynamic Solar is a full-service solar energy provider that brings together the diverse expertise needed to design, build and maintain successful solar power projects for commercial, industrial and institutional clients and provides the necessary support for the system’s twenty-five-year warranted life. In addition to SEI-trained and NABCEP-certified solar installers, Dynamic Solar employs the diverse group of professionals required to successfully execute a commercial solar project including electrical engineers, structural engineers, master electricians; grant, construction and permit managers; site supervisors, safety professionals and utility coordinators.


Sample Specialty LED Distributors: Signage Companies

The Sign Machine

About: HQ: Fayettville, Arkansas

Sign illumination presents excellent opportunities for LED tube lights and backlit solutions given that the long LED run time can significantly reduce maintenance costs. Plus, the dusk to dawn illumination of many sign applications offers the natural cost reduction given the efficiency of LED tubes over the fluorescent predecessors. Founded in 1990, The Sign Machine is backed with over two decades of industry experience. The Sign Machine provides top-notch Service, Installation and Repair of Electric and Neon Signs. Crane Service, Parking Lot Lights, Logo Design, Vinyl Graphics, Digital Graphics, Embroidery, Screen Printing and 1000’s of Imprinted Item…plus great customer support.

Southern LED Solutions 

About: HQ: Meridian, Mississippi

(Also See the Profile lower on this page) Southern LED Solutions joined the Independence LED Authorized Reseller Network in 2010. They have strong roots in the signage industry, and have developed an outstanding reputation for quality LED retrofits. They serve as a benchmark for others since they were one of the earliest Distributors in the South to embrace the new LED tube lights and fixture technology.


Sample Specialty LED Distributors: Integrated Solutions Providers

Energy One

About: HQ: Baltimore, Maryland

Energy One is a unique energy services company offering  a comprehensive solution to energy needs; not only with lighting needs but also efficiency products for HVAC units, refrigerators and chillers, as well as computers and stereo equipment . They can not only improve efficiency but further reduce energy needs by installing solar or urban compatible vertical-axis wind turbines. Energy One is the exclusive distributors for certain Induction Lighting as well as some LED product lines, all of which are covered by world-wide patents or patent pending submissions.  They also carry some niche products such as their Digital Voltage Regulator which allows end users to dim any previously “un-dimmable” ballast-based fixture, reducing electricity and extending the life of both bulb and ballast. All of their lighting products save building owners and operators money beyond simply using less electricity. Their  long-life lighting technology equates to 18-22 years, without ever needing a bulb replacement. They not only offer a more cost-efficient solution, but a greener one as well. The Independence LED tube lights and LED fixtures fit well within the Energy One approach of offering best of breed technology to public and private sector property owners and operators.

Midwest Light Energy, LLC

About: HQ: Kansas City, Missouri

Midwest Light & Energy specializes in Energy Efficiency Retrofits and Solar Installations throughout the Midwest including Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Illinois and beyond. Their strength is in the integration of professional capabilities within an environment of candor, innovation and dependability.  They value engineer each project for optimum efficiency within their clients’ budgets, planning for future technological advances. They are direct distributors of technology from multiple category leading U. S. companies. For LED tube lights and LED fixtures, Midwest Light & Energy’s factory direct relationship with Independence LED eliminates intermediaries and allows them to recommend the best possible technology for each application; achieving their clients goals, while providing competitive pricing.

GNP Energy

About: HQ: Naples, FL & Midwest Division: Chicago, Illinois

Through its strategic partnerships, GNP Energy proudly markets USA Manufactured lighting products with sophisticated microprocessor controls. They provide “off the shelf” LED Retrofit Kits (without the added expense of changing the whole fixture) and also new LED Fixtures with long life and reliability beyond the competition. The patent pending Retrofit Kits product that they represent, like the Independence LED tubes and multi-tube fixtures, convert existing Fluorescent light and HID fixtures into ultra-long lasting maintenance free, energy efficient LED fixtures. The solutions typically Reduce energy consumption 70%-90% for Commercial, Industrial and Municipal lighting applications, which can save thousands monthly on electric and maintenance costs. With an average ROI of only 24 months and their available Free Retrofit using GNP Energy LED Green Savings Purchase Program , end users can start saving right away for a brighter more profitable green future. GNP also secures their clients investment with their Green Savings Performance Guarantee, to make the LED lighting technology switch secure and affordable.

Northern Infrastructure Products

About:   HQ: Commerce, Michigan

Northern IP is a professional sales organization, with its roots founded in the infrastructure products that support day-to-day lifestyle. Their products include Voice & Data, Sound & Security, Audio Visual, and LED Lighting and Green Energy products such as Wind & Solar Power. Northern IP provides Manufacturer Representation in the Northern tier States, Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin. Northern IP, represents, “only the best in class products and industry leaders in manufacturing.”  So, Independence LED is pleased to include its American Made LED Tubes and multi-tube LED fixtures among the other industry leading products represented by Northern IP.


Sample Specialty LED Distributors: Lighting and Rebate Specialists


About: HQ: Denison, Texas

Greenlights.US serves Texas and the surrounding states. The Company is an outgrowth of Neon Signs and Designs, Inc. with over 23 years of experience in custom signage and lighting installation and service. has a clear mission to endow to the customer the most cost effective, sustainable and environmentally advanced lighting and illumination products and systems. Richard Saffa, Greenlights.US Operations Manger observed that, “Having been in the optoelectronics and LED manufacturing and marketing arena since 1984, I know for a fact that when it comes to building an LED assembly or luminaire that it is not simply a matter of having a great LED, or thermal management, or the best driver or optic, it is a matter of knowing how to put it all together. It is at the system level that all the components come together in a final Best-in-Class benefit to the end user. It is thus an honor to be a partner with Independence LED.” As an OEM and distribution channel leader, Greenlights.US provides the right flexible application specific answers for the industrial, commercial, institutional, municipal, residential and consumer marketplace. The management, technical and manufacturing staff has accumulated over 120 years of LED direct and indirect lighting, signage, electronic and environmental controls applications bringing to the customer technology advancement in materials. Now, with Independence LED, Greenlights.US brings the power of light to its customers.


Sample Specialty LED Distributors: Electrical Distributors and Suppliers

Abstract Electronics

About: HQ: Clearwater, FL

Abstract Electronics’ primary business is the distribution of high quality electronic and electro-mechanical components for the commercial, industrial, and military industries. Abstract Electronics serves a broad customer base, from the small repair house to large global manufacturers, worldwide. Since inception Abstract Electronics has taken pride in providing its customers with unparalleled savings and service.  With over sixteen years of continual product expansion Abstract Electronics has identified LED lighting products as an advantageous source of savings for its customers. Abstract Electronics is pleased to announce its partnership with Independence LED.


Sample Specialty LED Distributors: International Solution Providers

Earth Aware

About:  HQs: Sydney and Melbourne, Australia

Earth Aware Products is the environmental products division of DWE Systems Pty. Ltd., a privately-held Australian business dedicated to serving the industrial and environmental sectors in Australia and New Zealand with energy savings and efficiency products and services that add value to the business operations of our clients and help to reduce the carbon footprint and overall environmental impact on the planet. Through a series of strategic partnerships and alliances DWE Systems / Earth Aware Products is able to offer customers in Australia and New Zealand some of the world’s leading technologies and products with full-service after sales service, support, and customer assistance. Their current environmental products and services portfolio includes energy-savings power factor correction equipment, insulating paint additives, small-scale wind turbine systems, water softening / conditioning products, and now LED lights. “We are very pleased to be able to announce the addition of the class-leading LED product range from Independence LED of Wayne, PA, USA to our business products portfolio.” – David Eldridge, President

Eastern Energy Services PTE, Ltd.

About: HQ: Republic of Singapore

“Measurement is the Key to Management”, and Independence LED works with metering companies across the market to help illustrate to end users the value of energy savings through LED tube lighting. The EES Group is a self financing privately owned company with almost 30 years in the industry specializing in the supply and service of industrial measuring and analyzing products. Their team of sales and service engineers have experience working with ultrasonic meters, gas sampling systems, crude oil analyzers, inline mixers and chemical injection systems and more. The EES customer base includes water utility companies, HVAC , Marine, Chemical, Petrochemical and Oil & Gas Markets.  As LED tube lights continue to grow in demand, EES Group saw the opportunity to add the Independence LED product line into its overall offerings.

ORONIM Technologies Private Limited

About: HQ: Maharashtra, India

Companies around the world are increasingly focused on energy reduction through lighting retrofits as a means to reduce operating costs. ORONIM is dedicated to continuously and successfully helping its clients increase their competitive advantage by delivering business solutions. They ensure clients achieve their tactical and strategic business goals by unifying technology solutions to reduce costs, decrease cycle times, and seamlessly manage business processes throughout the enterprise.


Sample Training Provider:

Green Training USA

About:  HQ: Atlanta, Georgia

Over Q3 2012, Independence LED initiated the first two in an ongoing series of online Webinar Training session coordinated by Green Training USA. Given the dynamically changing nature of the LED market, Independence LED is committed to online training for its Authorized Reseller Network as well as live training through monthly LED Boot Camps and factory tours in Greater Philadelphia. Green Training USA is committed to success at every step of the way, in every aspect of their training. They provide top quality training in a simple, easy-to-understand format.


Spotlight Opportunities for each qualified LED Distributor in our network

In addition to the sample Reseller Spotlights like the ones above, Independence LED is pleased to promote its network of resellers though its sister company GREENandSAVE,com/News.  GREENandSAVE’s content is so well respected that it is one of only a few Trusted Feed Partners for Google News in the ‘green’ sector. This means that the content goes live to the Google News feed data base and is accessible to tens of thousands of readers and millions of readers. We believe that igniting the American Energy Revolution takes multiple sparks and we welcome our LED Resellers to submit their latest news on topics like project retrofits.

Sample article that highlights Green Garage Lighting: Green Garage Lighting Article

Sample Article from: Inside Self Storage Magazine: Self Storage Magazine Article

Project and Article Highlights:

Stafford Storage in Stafford, Conn., has completed a lighting retrofit of its 50,000-square-foot facility. The new lighting, energy-efficient linear LEDs, will cut down on the facility’s overhead expenses. The facility has 334 units and offers 24-hour, seven-day-a-week access.

Green Garage Lighting of Hartford, Conn., installed the fixtures. The company recommended the 15-watt linear Eagle tube as a replacement, which use only 15 watts of energy and will last up to 80,000 hours in this type of facility. It equates to more than nine years of usage.

A professional survey was conducted to measure Stafford Storage’s energy consumption and determine how much it could be improved. The facility’s owners wanted to make sure there was a reasonable business case for the upgrades before purchasing. It was estimated the facility consumed 51,942 kilowatts per year. At a rate of 10 cents per kilowatt hour, the annual electric bill was $5,194. By upgrading to LEDs, Stafford Storage could reduce its energy consumption to approximately 26,411 kilowatt hours, resulting in 49 percent lower energy costs…On a month-to-month comparison of energy bills from 2010 to 2011, Stafford Storage realized a 35 percent savings. Presented with nine financing options by its service provider, Green Garage Lighting, Stafford Storage had ample choices to end up cash-flow positive on a monthly basis.

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