Independence LED and DK LED Form New Partnership: DK LED USA

Product Line include LED Panels and Socket Bulbs

In 2013 Independence LED established a relationship with DK LED, to bring the excellence of German engineering to the American market.  After extensive meetings and visits, in May 2014, the companies formed DK LED U.S.A. Independence LED Chairman, Charlie Szoradi, is also the Chairman of DK LED U.S.A.

To date, the Independence LED products have focused on 24/7 “Mission Critical” applications for tubes, troffers, parking garages, and high bays.


If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth…more:

DK LED Corporate Video with Factory Tour and Highlight Products

DK LED USA Replaceable Driver System RDS LED Tube Highlights and Assembly Demonstration


DK LED USA G24 LED Plug and Play replacement for Quad Pin CFQ

DK LED USA LED Panel to replace fluorescent tube fixtures for retrofits and new construction

DK LED USA 60 Watt Bulb – Incandescent Replacement Options Analysis with CFL and LED Bulbs – 7.13.14

Comprehensive Comparison Video

Independence LED + New DK LED Exhibition at Light Fair International 2014

Exhibition Highlight Video

DK LED at Light Fair International — Part 1 of 3 focusing on LED Tubes

Video 1 of 3 – LED Tubes

DK LED at Light Fair International — Part 2 of 3 focusing on LED Bulbs

Video 2 of 3 – LED Bulbs

DK LED at Light Fair International — Part 3 of 3 focusing on LED G Series Lamps

Video 3 of 3 – LED G Series