Independence LED Releases New DLC LED High Bay Fixtures That Are Made in America and LED Rebate Ready

These DLC LED High Bay Fixtures have the Industry Leading 10 Year Warranty and New Lower Costs, from one of the top American LED Light Manufacturers


New Product Release for Q3 2016:

Lumens / Watt: Over 130 lm/w
Lumens / Dollar: Over 70 lm/$
Warranty: 10 Years on entire fixture system with LED and Driver protection over unlimited hours of operation
Manufacturing: USA (Southeastern Pennsylvania)

Our latest line of LED High Bay fixtures are even more cost effective than before and the lumens per watt are up from the 110 to 113 range to over 130 lm/w! We are producing fixtures in our Pennsylvania factory at lower costs than the Chinese imports, and we provide the industry leading 10 year warranty with our made in USA quality and reliability. This is a groundbreaking product for 2016 with the highest LED lumens per dollar on the global market. High lumens per watt performance is all about top efficiency, and high lumens per dollar is all about cost-effective lighting solutions. The result is the lowest cost LED High Bay to purchase upfront and the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). We have accomplished this through component economies of scale, advanced engineering, manufacturing automation, and reduced shipping costs. For the latest specification sheets, MSRP and wholesale pricing, and high bay sample orders: Contact Us.

Expected Retail “MSRP” Price Points
(Note: Wholesale and Volume pricing are available for Qualified Buyers and Authorized Resellers/Distributors)
LED High Bay 2 Module – HB2: $195 – 108 watts yielding 14,200 lm
LED High Bay 3 Module – HB3: $295 – 162 watts yielding 21,300 lm
LED High Bay 4 Module – HB4: $395 – 216 watts yielding 28,400 lm
LED High Bay 6 Module – HB6: $595 – 324 watts yielding 42,600 lm

Many U.S. manufacturers sell on “Value” over price to earn business from their customers. America made products often come with a higher price given higher domestic labor costs and more stringent regulations relative to other countries. In the case of China, factors such as currency manipulation play a role as well to give their exports a competitive advantage in the U.S. marketplace.  Commercial lighting is no exception, and almost all of the light bulbs and fixtures in the U.S. are made in China. This is a multi-billion dollar market, given that 40% of U.S. energy is used for buildings and 25% or more of it is used in the ceiling for lighting. The latest generation of Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology saves 50% or more of the energy over traditional lighting, but the market is still dominated by Chinese manufacturers.

Independence LED has broken the mold. In 2010, we moved its LED manufacturing from China to southeastern Pennsylvania. Since then, our technology has been installed on over 30 U.S. Navy ships and across the Fortune 100 from the Morgan Stanley headquarters in Times Square to the Met Life corporate campuses across the country. Our LED High Bay fixtures are used for industrial applications such as in factories, warehouses, and distribution centers, like a retrofit for an Anheuser-Busch wholesaler with a facility the size of an NFL stadium We manufactured over two miles of our lights for the High Bay fixture retrofit project.

Independence LED differentiates itself with the most robust “industrial strength”  technology, and we back it up with the industry leading 10 year warranty while others only offer 5 year protection. We have won the Green Business of the Year Award by the Main Line Chamber of Commerce and the Best Lighting Retrofit Award from the U.S. Green Building Council.

For summer 2016, Independence LED is releasing our latest line of High Bay LED fixtures that have the same great American Made quality, the outstanding 10 year warranty, and price points that come in lower than the imported Chinese led high bays.

This announcement below was from the fall of 2014, so see the Independence LED High Bay Specification Sheets for the latest data.


WAYNE, PA, September, 2014 — Independence LED Lighting, the award-winning U.S. manufacturer of LED tubes and LED fixtures, announced today that DesignLights Consortium (DLC) approved its high-efficiency High Bay Fixture series for the DLC Qualified Product List (QPL).  The series includes fixtures with multiple different options for lumen output: 9,700, 12,600, 14,500, and 19,000. The fixtures also include options for onboard “Smart Controls” such as motion detection, dimming, and light harvesting, as well as ground breaking reflectors that are ideal for aisle lighting to direct the light down to the floor and on shelving where it is often needed most. U.S. utility companies typically use DLC as the guide for rebate approvals, so these new American Made LED fixtures not only save money and help create U.S. jobs, but they earn rebates that often bring the Return on Investment (ROI) to over 50% and the payback to less than 2 years.

The DLC LED High Bay Fixtures are ideal for Warehouses, Distribution Centers, and Factories. They yield 110 lumens per watt for outstanding energy efficiency across multiple different types of facilities and ceiling heights.

Part #:                                   Wattage:             Lumens:

HB4-42250K-70-C             88 w                       9,700 lm

HB4-42950K-70-C             116 w                    12,600 lm

HB6-42250K-70-C             132 w                    14,500 lm

HB6-42250K-70-C             174 w                    19,000 lm

The Independence LED Lighting’s line of DLC LED High Bay fixtures comes with a category-leading 10-year Warranty without the “fine print” that limits run time or driver carve outs. The high bay fixtures expand on the growing list of Independence LED “Rebate Ready” products.

Common Existing or Industrial Lighting Options:

450 watt Metal Halide (Single bulb and ballast) fixtures or 324 watt Fluorescent fixtures (6 x 54w Tubes), running 24/7 in a three shift industrial application, with average U.S. electricity cost of $.12 / kWh.

Annual Cost of Electricity per Fixture:

  • Metal Halide (450w/1,000 x 8,760h) x $.12 = $473.04
  • Fluorescent (324w/1,000 x 8,760h) x $.12 = $340.58
  • Independence LED (174w/1,000 x 8,760h) x $.12 = $182.90

Annual Electricity Savings on DLC LED High Bay Fixtures

Replacing Metal Halide: 61.33% reduction and annual energy savings per fixture = $290.14

Replacing Fluorescent: 46.29% reduction and annual energy savings per fixture of = $157.68

Sample Rebates for DLC LED High Bay Fixtures

Many rebates are based on kWh savings performance, such as $.08 / Annual kWh Saved

Replacing Metal Halide (276w saved/1,000 x 8,760h) x $.08 = $193.42 Rebate

Replacing Fluorescent (150w saved/1,000 x 8,760h) x $.08 = $105.12 Rebate

The rebates and first year savings cover a significant portion of the Independence LED fixture, and qualified buyers are also eligible or $0 upfront cost financing that is cash flow positive from the start.

Lifetime Savings:

Running 24/7, the Independence LED fixtures last for 10 years, under warranty

Replacing each Metal Halide fixture yields lifetime savings of $2,034.98

Replacing each Fluorescent fixture yields lifetime savings of $1,103.76

About Independence LED Lighting (

Independence LED Lighting, LLC, is a U.S. LED manufacturer of industry leading LED products, and was the 2013 Best Lighting Retrofit winner by the U.S. Green Building Council for the Urban Green Award.  Greater Philadelphia Headquarters:  484-588-5401

Beyond DLC LED High Bay fixtures, Independence LED is pleased to offers many other fixtures that are on the DLC QPL. Rebate administration are also part of our service offering to maximize the incentives from utility companies. Our Independence LED Lighting Solutions group has been able to secure rebates through our DLC High Bay lights and other DLC approved LED fixtures that are in some cases higher than the baseline prescriptive rebates. We secure the larger rebates by submitting custom applications that take into account factors such as on-board occupancy sensors.