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LED CASE STUDY: GOVERNMENT Durham Medical Center VA Hospital

See the first LED Lights for a Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital. Durham Medical Center has US Made LED Tubes from one of the top US LED Light Manufacturers.

Project: Durham Veterans Administration Medical Center

Highlights: First LED Retrofit at a VA Medical Center

Address: 508 Fulton St, Durham, NC 27705

Owner: U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (www.va.gov)

LED Installation: Q1 2013

Opportunity for LED Lights: Lighting consumes a significant amount of electricity in the 24/7 areas of a hospital. Like similar structures, the Durham Medical Center had inefficient T12 fluorescent fixtures illuminating the back of house and common areas of the 271 bed facility. With a run time of 8,760h/year, the existing 1,200 fixtures used 355,025 kWh per year. At a $.10/kWh electricity rate, the T12 tubes cost $35,501 per year to operate.

LED Lighting Solution: Independence LED’s U.S. Made LED tubes cut the wattage consumption by over 50% while also improving light levels in the machine rooms, adding to the safety of working conditions. The LED lights reduce the annual kWh to 183,627, enabling the Durham VA Medical Center to become the first VA Hospital to set an efficiency benchmark for other public and private sector hospitals.

Durham Medical Center LED Case Study Results: By replacing fluorescent tubes with new LEDs, the annual energy savings is 171,398 kWh, yielding an electricity savings of $17,140 per year. Over the life of the LEDs, the energy and maintenance savings will be over $150,000. If each of the more than 1,700 facilities in the VA health system were to switch to LED technology, the ten year savings could exceed $1 Billion. This adds up to tax payer savings and more resources for the VA to service our heroes.

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