Scholarships for students interested in Careers in the American Energy Revolution

Independence LED is a proud sponsor of the A.C.E. Prize Scholarships

Scholarships for students who want to participate in environmental sustainability by savings energy for schools through US Made LED Tubes and LED Fixtures.

Independence LED understands that the next generation of employees is in college now and they often need scholarships. So, this “Learn and Earn” program is an innovative approach and an excellent foundation to train students that are interested in the growing Energy Economy. By proactively mentoring students, representatives from Independence LED are able to provide a career launch pad with practical business experience as a compliment to academic work. The Company then rewards their energy initiatives through scholarships as retrofit projects unfold on their own campuses.

The Multi-Win Benefits:

  1. Students benefit with knowledge and financial support through scholarships
  2. Schools benefit with reduced operating costs on their lighting.
  3. Independence LED benefits with a larger pool of prospective employees and installations at schools across the country.
  4. America benefits with more U.S. manufactured products, an “energy-smart” trained workforce, and overall energy footprint reduction.
  5. The planet benefits with reduced C02 emissions from major colleges and universities, since the LED tubes reduce 1.3 lbs of C02 for every annual kilowatt hour (kWh) saved.
 WHY NOW:  Public and Private Colleges and Universities across America face economic challenges, and energy reduction is one powerful way to control the rising operating costs of education. The A.C.E. Prize is a scholarships program for undergraduate and graduate students attending U.S. schools that want to help facilitate energy savings for their schools and engage in a career path within the new American Energy Revolution. Many schools seek federal and/or state support funding for energy retrofits. As of November 30th 2012, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) Funded projects through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) now require U.S. Made LED Tubes to comply with the “Buy American” Standards. Department of Energy (DOE) Enforces “Buy American” Standards.

Independence LED, is a U.S. Manufacturer of LED Tubes that meet the Buy American qualifications. Independence LED has committed up to $10 Million in Scholarships for the A.C.E. Prize initiative.

“We encourage other companies to participate in this mutually beneficial program. Independence LED has already seen the value come in several ways. We have recently  identified two of the students in the program that exhibited particularly high potential, and they are now trained in lighting energy auditing and on Return on Investment (ROI) Savings Report software. So, we are relocating them to Greater Philadelphia to join us this summer. Plus, a recent meeting with the Director of Student Services and Programs, for the Office of Energy and Environment for a leading state university system, has led to a pilot program for our LED tubes. This combination of added talent to our workforce and added opportunities in our pipeline is core to the value of the ACE Prize.” – Charlie Szoradi – Chairman, Independence LED.

The A.C.E. Prize encourages other U.S. Manufacturers of Energy Efficiency or Renewable Energy products to also participate in this “Learn and Earn” initiative. Scholarships help advance American Energy Independence, Energy Security, and overall Energy Intelligence.

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