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Leading U.S. LED Manufacturer of LED tube lights hires new VP for LED Engineering


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NEW HIRES are the sign of momentum across the marketplace of LED tube lights as the rest of the economy struggle along.

The LED tube lighting market is heating up as business owners and facility managers see the energy savings value of replacing each inefficient T12 and T8 fluorescent tube and ballast with a more efficient LED tube light and external driver.

Independence LED Lighting ( is an example of the new generation of companies that are leading the American Job Recovery. As a U.S. manufacturer of LED tube lights and multi-tube led light fixtures, Independence LED Lighting has created jobs in South Eastern Pennsylvania, home of its headquarters and production facilities. Plus the production and sale of LED tube lights has created  jobs across the U.S. through its growing Authorized Distribution and Manufacturer’s Representative Network. See this article on the job creation “Ripple Effect” beyond the engineering and manufacturing of the LED tube light: Job Creation through U.S. LED Manufacturing

“Glenn Baker is a welcomed addition to our growing team of energy and lighting professions. At every turn we look to optimize our product offerings and Glenn shares our collective passion for innovation in this explosive LED tube light industry.” – Charlie Szoradi – Chairman and CEO, Independence LED Lighting

VP of ENGINEERING – Glenn Baker

Glenn Baker has over 25 years of experience as a project leader and technical innovator on cutting edge technology. He understands the meaning of meeting customer requirements and has had a history of rapid promotion leading to full responsibility for development, implementation, operations, and support of company products. Mr. Baker takes a hands-on approach and is highly results oriented.  He has been an Engineering Leader and Program Manager from R&D to production for complex optical, electronic, and mechanical equipment in the medical, commercial, military or industrial markets.  His specialties include, Product Development, Technology Development, Program Management, Manufacturing, and Systems Engineering.

In addition to authoring multiple lighting patents individually and jointly, Mr. Baker brings to Independence LED a depth of LED lighting experience. Prior to joining Independence LED, Mr. Baker was the Director of Solid State Lighting (SSL) Engineering for Dialight the New Jersey based Public Company with 1,000 employees. For the electronic manufacturing company, Mr. Baker managed optical, electrical, mechanical engineering resources and programs to develop and transition to production of advanced LED luminaries.  Mr. Baker was the VP of Engineering for BWT Lighting where his responsibilities included overseeing the engineering to Design, Develop and Manufacture specialty LED light sources for government and commercial applications. As Independence LED rolls out its American Made LED Tubes and Multi-Tube Fixtures on the General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule for Q4 2012, Mr. Baker’s government experience adds value across the significant public sector opportunity. Over his career, Mr. Baker has also served as the Director of Product Development for Light Path Technologies and the Engineering Manager for Cogent Light.

Mr. Baker is a graduate of Stevens Institute of Technology with a Bachelor of Engineering in Engineering Physics. He earned his Master’s of Science in Applied Optics from Tufts University. Mr. Baker’s overall experience and perspective in the LED and lighting sector is a key asset as Independence LED strives to continue providing advanced lighting products and leadership in the global energy reduction marketplace.

For biographical profiles on other key members of the Independence LED Team,  see Independence LED Lighting’s: Top Team Bios

Is there a trend to U.S. Manufacturing of LED tube lights?

Property owners and facility managers are increasingly frustrated with lack of quality control and the lack of thermal management with internal driver LED tubes lights coming out of China. Plus, the July 14th 2012 ban by the Department of Energy on inefficient T12 fluorescent tubes, has created programs like the CASH for CLUNKER Lighting that offer incentives to commercial and industrial end users. These two key factors may increase the demand of enough to encourage companies to follow the path of Independence LED lighting that moved its LED tube light manufacturing from China to Boyertown, Pennsylvania in 2010.

Independence LED Lighting has tripled its revenue each of the last three years and this may be a key example of the growing trend to support U.S. LED manufacturing as well as other energy related products that save money and create jobs. LED tube light manufacturers have typically been overseas, but Independence LED Lighting now has major retrofit case studies and installed LED tube lights across the private sector’s Fortune 100 as well as the civilian and military public sector. It appears that energy saving 2′, 4′ and 8′ LED tube lights are here to stay, and the adoption of the most common length LED tube lights has naturally contributed to the growth of LED tube light manufacturers like Independence LED Lighting.  The LED market, specifically the LED tube light market, may play a key role in American economic recovery, because business can reduce their operating costs and jobs are created from manufacturing, distribution, and installation all along the way.