Independence LED Lighting and ESCOAtlantic Engage to Provide Next-Generation Building Efficiency


ESCOAtlantic + Independence LED: The Strategic Alliance helps Property Owners and Managers Save Money and the Environment

Philadelphia, Pa. (August 23, 2018) – Independence LED Lighting, LLC and ESCOAtlantic LLC announced today that they have signed the business development agreements that will enable commercial and industrial property owners to benefit from the combined expertise and product offerings of both companies.

“I have known ESCOAtlantic’s founder and CEO, Paul Hughes for over 10 years, and I have developed a profound respect for his knowledge and experience. We have a shared vision for a cost-effective and sustainable energy future, so engaging with ESCOAtlantic was just a matter of time.” – Charlie Szoradi, CEO, Independence LED Lighting, LLC

“Over the past decade, I have had the pleasure of watching Independence LED Lighting expand their US made LED product line along with expanding the depth and breadth of the facilities that have installed their technology. Our team is energized that we have formalized our working relationship with Independence LED Lightings.” – Paul Hughes, CEO, ESCOAtlantic, LLC

ESCOAtlantic, LLC. ( Since 1993 ESCOAtlantic/Performance Solutions Inc. has been designing, engineering, permitting, and installing: solar, wind, energy efficiency technology, and other green technologies such as Epoxy Cool Roof Systems (ECRS) and Solar Photovoltaics (PV) constructed on Brownfields. The company started small and worked its way up to the design, engineering, and building services that it offers today. ESCOAtlantic’s services also include a diverse range of consulting and education opportunities for clients who seek a better understanding of their options across the landscape of sustainable technology. The consulting helps business owners and managers make the most appropriate and economical decisions for the future of their companies. ESCOAtlantic has become part of a much larger building “energy intelligence” solution through its integration of Direct Current (DC) Microgrid technology along with DC LED Lighting, DC Appliances, DC HVAC, DC Data Systems, Energy Autonomy and Energy Security. The offerings are so cost-effective that ESCOAtlantic offers a cadre of zero up front cost programs, where owners only pay for the technology out of the energy savings. ESCOAtlantic Tel: (443) 533-5888

Independence LED Lighting, LLC ( is one of the very first authentic US manufacturers of commercial LED light fixtures, with installations ranging from the US military to the Fortune 100. The company’s technology saves 50% or more over traditional lighting, lasts five times longer than traditional lighting, is toxic free, and is also smart control enabled for dimming, occupancy sensing, and natural light harvesting. In 2010, Independence LED Lighting brought the manufacturing from China to southeastern Pennsylvania and has since won awards ranging from the Green Business of the Year to the Best Lighting Retrofit by the US Green Building Council. Independence LED Lighting is committed to providing comprehensive support to its sales channel of lighting representatives and agencies. (See U.S. Lighting Sales Rep Map). The company offers the industry leading 10-year warranty across a growing line, that now includes Direct Current (DC) Microgrid  “driverless” DC LED fixtures. Independence LED Lighting’s product line is Buy American Act (BAA) Compliant, manufactured in the U.S.A with over 50% domestic components. Independence LED Lighting is a Leadership Council Member of the American LED Alliance.  Independence LED Lighting Tel: (484) 588-5401