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We have provided LED Interior Lights and Exterior Lights for Customers across the U.S.

These Featured Clients below have typically started with LED Interior Lights running 24/7 to maximize the ROI


Go with Lighting Experts like Independence LED Lighting Solutions that provides industry leading 10 Year Warranties for LED Interior Lights as well as Cost-Effective Solutions for every lighting application through our strategic manufacturing partnerships.

One of the best ways to review performance is to look at the LED products when they are installed at client locations.

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U.S. Government: From the GSA Schedule to the U.S. NAVY’s Military Sealift Command, we are pleased that our U.S Made LED Interior Lights  are installed on over 25 ships. We have also provided our LEDs to the first Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital, as well as the administrative building for the U.S. Forest Service, and other classified facilities for Federal Agencies.

Fortune 100: From MetLife to Morgan Stanley, we are pleased that our U.S Made LED products are installed in the Morgan Stanley headquarters in Times Square and in over 10 corporate campuses across the U.S. for MetLife.

Parking Garages: From the Thomas Jefferson University Parking Garage and the Ships Tavern Multi-Level Structured Parking Structure to the parking for the Brooklyn Renaissance Plaza and New York Marriott, our LED tubes and Vaportight parking fixture solutions offer the most reliable technology with the lowest cost of ownership. Our most popular LED Vaportight parking fixture replaces 175 watt metal halides with just 44 watts.

Automotive: From Monro Muffler Service Centers to the first BMW Dealership, we have provided energy saving LED Interior Lights for a range of different tube and fixture applications.

Education: From Grade Schools like St. Aloysius and Preparatory Schools like Malvern Prep to Colleges and Universities, Independence LED has provided lighting that helps manage the growing cost of education.

Healthcare: From major new construction initiatives like Urban Health Plan in the Bronx to community hospitals in the Gambia, Independence LED has provided technology that saves money and in some cases helps save lives.

Multi-Family: From the 50 Murray Street Apartments in New York and the Chocolate Works Apartments in Philadelphia to the Emerson Lofts in Denver and the Marquette Management properties in Illinois, Independence LED Interior Lights cut the cost of the base building 24/7 areas.

High Bay Warehouses and Industrial: From Rex Distributing to Waters International, Independence LED helps cut 400 watt Metal Halides down to either 116 watt or 176 watt LED solutions.

Distribution Centers:  We completed the retrofit of the 209,000 sq. ft. Davis & Warshow (D&W) facility with over 2 Miles (38 football fields) of our LED Tubes. The project has achieved three key benchmarks: D&W is the FIRST facility in America with a “Net Zero Cost of Lighting” through the combination of Solar and LED Tubes, the MOST ENERGY EFFICIENT Lighting in watts per square foot of any Distribution Center in America, and the LARGEST  single facility LED Tube retrofit in America to date. D&W was approved for a $62,000 Rebate from Con Edison and the Check Presentation event was on July 17, 2012. For Photos and Details, See the Extensive Media Coverage on this groundbreaking project.

Family Dining and Quick Serve Restaurants (QSR): We completed the pilot LED Interior Light retrofits for three leading restaurant chains: Applebee’s, Domino’s Pizza, and Burger King.

Specified Products: Cushman & Wakefield is the property management group that services MetLife.  Cushman & Wakefield specified the Independence “Eagle” LED Tubes for their MetLife account, and we are seeing this as a growing trend. From a New York health care provider to the Treasure Island Municipality in Florida, advisors and energy analysts are specifying our LED Tubes over fluorescent tubes and other lighting options for the growing number of energy saving initiatives across the U.S.

Specialty Accounts: Given the diverse range of lighting needs across the built landscape, Independence LED offers custom products for clients that are looking for specialized solutions. Examples include special length and color temperature tubes to match historic preservation requirements. grow lights for indoor hydroponic agriculture, and hazardous location fixtures.

The Foundation: Our Independence LED Lighting Solutions service team of Lighting Auditors and Energy Analysts have provided innovative LED retrofits for a diverse range of property owners and managers. Our team is well equipped to support our Authorized Reseller Network, because we have experienced first hand the challenges of selling next generation LED products to clients that have typically to budgeted for the new technology. The ‘Consulting’ sales strategy focusing on Return on Investment (ROI) vs. the ‘Commodity’ sales approach is a key differentiator in securing new accounts. We support our Distributors and Dealers with the training and tools to succeed as well as the right LED lights in hand.