We’re happy to help align the right LED Sales Rep with you.

Over the past decade, Independence LED Lighting has built a network of energy-efficiency lighting professionals with the experience to guide you along the product selection, integration and purchasing process.


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To Find the right LED Sales Rep near you: Connect with us via this Contact Form or just send an email to Sales@IndependenceLED.com and let us know where you are located and some highlights on your lighting needs.

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A qualified LED sales rep can make the difference between a successful lighting project and one that has hurdles along the way or regrets after installation. We take pride in training each LED sales rep to understand our products but also the ways to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) through smart controls and sensors.  As lighting becomes increasingly complicated, we look at factors such as bi-level switching code compliance, dimming, and light harvesting to maximize your return on investment (ROI).

Manufacturer Representatives that have experience with commercial lighting before the introduction of light-emitting diode (LED) technology often have the perspective to understand where and when LED replacements are most appropriate. Certainly for new construction, LEDs create the value added solution, but retrofits involve a deeper understanding of the cost-benefit analysis. Not all LEDs are created equal, so reviewing efficiency in lumens/watt is foundational, but also looking at lumens per dollar, and lumens per dollar over a warranty period are ways to determine the difference between short and long-term value. When it comes to LED specifications, our LED sales rep in your area will help you navigate the options. Variables range from wattage and color temperature to lens and beam angle, plus battery back-ups and numerous on-board sensor options. Our LED Sales Rep will help align what you need with what make. We have over 1,000 product SKU sub-sets, making Independence LED Lighting’s line one of the largest Buy American Act (BAA) Compliant LED product offerings on the market. We were also one of the first authentic BBA Compliant LED manufacturers, dating back to 2010, when we moved our manufacturing from China to southeastern Pennsylvania. Our CEO, Charlie Szoradi, is the 2018 Leadership Council Chairman of the American LED Alliance, and we see tremendous potential in job creation and energy intelligence over the next few years.

As global adoption of LED lighting increases, we welcome the addition of qualified Sales Agency Firms to join our growing Independence LED Sales Rep network. If you are a distributor, lighting contractor, maintenance provider, or Energy Services Company, we welcome the opportunity to explore the supply side way that our technology can enhance your offerings. Click here for more information or email Info@IndependenceLED.com.