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LED CASE STUDY: Distribution Center LED Installation

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Project: Gretz Beer Company

Highlights: Major Beer Distributor in Southeastern, PA

Address: 2801Township Line Rd. Hatfield, PA 19440

Owner: www.abwholesaler.com/Group12/GretzBeer

LED Installation: Q3 2014

Opportunity for LED Lights: Gretz undertook a comprehensive new state-of-the art design for its facility in this 320,000 sq. ft. warehouse. If they had installed commonly used 450 watt Metal Halide high bay fixtures at 24/7 hours of illumination per day (8,760h/year), each fixture would have used 3,942 kWh/year. At the average electricity rate in PA of $.12/kWh, the lighting cost would have been $473.04 per fixture per year. With high bay bulb replacement and maintenance labor costs of over $48, the annual cost would have exceeded $521per fixture.

LED Lighting Solution: Independence LED ‘s 174 watt LED high bay fixture saves 275 watts per fixture, for over 64% savings with the reduced maintenance costs. The external driver and aluminum heat sinks are ideal for industrial applications.

LED Installation Case Study Results: By reducing fixture wattage from 450 to 174, the annual savings is 2,417 kWh and $290 per fixture + the $48 in reduced bulb replacement and maintenance labor for total savings of over $338 per fixture. The saving over the long 7 year life of the LEDs (8,760h/year) is $2,315 per fixture and even higher with inflation on energy. With over 300 high bays, the annual savings is over $101,400. Independence also provided on-board motion sensors for added savings and other LEDs throughout the interior and exterior.

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