US2 Lists American Made LED Light Fixtures by Independence LED on its GSA Schedule to Help Reduce Government Energy Waste


Dallas, TX, April 18, 2016: Utility Systems Solutions, Inc. (US2) announces that it has posted a range of Made in America LED light fixtures by Independence LED on its General Services Administration (GSA) Schedule. The GSA Schedule is the purchasing resource for the U.S. government. With over three billion square feet of real estate used by the federal government, the energy savings potential with LED lights is over a billion dollars each year. Changing the lights is a winnable war on energy waste. See the data on energy savings and job creation here:

In addition to the quality assurance from its Pennsylvania manufacturing, Independence LED offers the industry leading 10 year warranty. The high efficiency in lumens per watt, the top lumens per dollar, and the warranty protection that is twice the industry average, give the Independence LED fixtures the lowest Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) across many market segments.

To review the Independence LED light fixtures available on GSA Schedule from Utility Systems Solutions, Inc., please visit


LED Retrofit Kits for Fluorescent Troffers:

  • R2-41840K-85-CB2-V2DIM

LED High Bays:

  • HB2-45450K-70-CBN-V3DIM
  • HB3-45450K-70-CBN-V3DIM
  • HB4-45450K-70-CBN-V3DIM
  • HB6-45450K-70-CBN-V3DIM

LED Vapor Tight Fixtures:

  • VT2-41850K-70-N
  • VT2-42950K-70-N

LED Parking Garage Fixtures:

  • VTW2-41850K-70-N
  • VTW2-42950K-70-N

LED Strip Fixtures:

  • SF1-41640K-85-FB0-V1DIM -EXT DIM


About Utility Systems Solutions, Inc. (

GSA Schedule: GS-07F-0121T (s d 8a dv)

US2 is a CVE-Verified SDVOSB, SBA-Certified 8(a)/SDB, and DOE-Certified ESCO. The company was founded in 2005 by retired Air Force Col. David Shutler to reduce energy consumption through innovative and intelligent utility solutions. US2 retrofits aging and inefficient infrastructure with state-of-the-art, cost-effective systems that save energy and provide our clients with real financial savings. US2 specializes in design-to-completion projects relating to General Construction, Steam, HVAC, Metering, Lighting, Insulation, and Energy Assessment Analysis.

2013: Independence LED Tubes Now Available on GSA Schedule

Our America Made Lighting is on the GSA Schedule with the strongest 10 Year Warranty and proven installations across US Military and Civilian facilities. U.S. Made LED tubes replace fluorescent tubes to SAVE 50% or more on energy for federal, state and local governments. Beyond LED tubes, our LED fixture series also saves 50% or more over traditional lighting.

PHILADELPHIA, PA, February 14, 2013 – Independence LED (, a leading U.S. Manufacturer of LED tubes, announces that their products are included on the Veteran First Energy, LLC ( GSA Contract (GS-07F-073AA).  VFE is a veteran owned small business.  Government buyers can now electronically order the American Made LED tubes through GSA Advantage™ (

“The GSA Schedule listing is a welcomed benchmark for us and a timely springboard for the government, given the deficit challenges.  Now, the public sector can more easily order the money saving technology that the private sector has embraced. With over 80 products listed, managers can match length, color, end caps and lens types to replace outdated technology and save tax payer dollars. ” Charlie Szoradi, CEO – Independence LED

GSA Schedule – FIVE STARS: The Right Time for the Right Technology

#1: Federal Goal: 30% Energy Reduction by 2015. The deadline approaches. Lighting is 20% to 30% of commercial electricity. LED tubes save 50% or more over the omnipresent fluorescent tubes, helping managers reach their goals.

#2: Buy American. Independence LED moved its manufacturing from China to Pennsylvania in 2010 and meets Buy American qualifications, given substantial transformation of domestic and imported components into advanced LED tubes.  Independence LED applauds the November 30th 2012 DOE commitment to reinforce Buy American standards for LED tubes and support U.S. manufacturing, energy reduction, and American job creation.  Federal building space is about 3 billion sq. ft. At 40 sq. ft. of illumination per 4’ fluorescent tube, there are about 75 million federal tubes.  Switching to LEDs would save $500 million for tax payers, each year.

#3: Advanced Technology. Many imported LED tubes often fail to manage the heat that degrades diodes. Independence LED developed advanced external driver and deep fin aluminum heat sinks that set a patent-pending standard for the new category of High Performance (HP) LED Tubes.

#4: Cost-Effective Guide

  1. A)     Start with longer run time areas for the highest Return on Investment (ROI)
  2. B)      Stop buying T12 or T8 fluorescent tubes and ballasts upon failure, and use the opportunity cost to offset LEDs.
  3. C)      Request Independence LED’s Savings Report software analysis: Paybacks typically come in 3 to 5 years with ROI from 20% to 33%.

#5: Market Traction. Engineers respect Independence LED, and installations range from Fortune 100 companies to the first Veterans Affairs (VA) Hospital, plus de-lamping solutions for the U.S. Military. Independence LED has also launched Grant Programs to assist veteran owned businesses, as well as women and minority owned business enterprises.