The inclusion of cabinet lighting serves to enhance both functionality and aesthetics. When executed thoughtfully, this addition not only improves visibility within the space but also contributes to an increase in the overall value of your property.

What is Cabinet Lighting

This type of lighting refers to the installation of lighting fixtures underneath, above, and within cabinets. Among these options, under-cabinet lighting is the most prevalent and visually prominent.

Specifically, under-cabinet lights are positioned beneath cabinetry to provide illumination to the area beneath. Under cabinet lighting serves both task and accent lighting purposes, and it’s available in a range of types, shapes, and sizes.

LED strips, puck lights, and bar lights are among the most popular forms of under-cabinet lighting. Thanks to their versatility, this lighting solution can adapt to various spaces and significantly enhance their functionality.

How to Create Ambient Lighting

Under cabinet lights also play a role in creating ambient and mood lighting. Their relatively bright output makes them capable of providing sufficient illumination, even if you choose to turn off or dim your main lighting fixtures.

The key to utilizing under cabinet lights for ambient and mood lighting lies in incorporating dimmers and selecting the appropriate color temperature. 

With dimmable under-cabinet lights, you have the flexibility to adjust the brightness to suit the desired atmosphere. You can dim the lights to establish a relaxing ambiance or increase the brightness when engaged in activities. 

Additionally, you can opt for a warmer color temperature to create a cozy and tranquil environment, all while adjusting the brightness level accordingly.

How to Pick the Right Cabinet Lighting

It might seem like choosing under-cabinet lights revolves solely around aesthetics, but there are several additional factors beyond the fixture’s design that you want to consider as well. 

That said, here are some key aspects to keep in mind:


The required lumen count hinges on how you intend to use your under-cabinet lights. For primary room lighting, opt for higher lumens. If it’s for accent or task lighting, a lower count might suffice.

Color Temperature

Your choice of color temperature depends on personal preference. Cool white, natural white, and warm white light options allow you to shape the overall visual ambiance of your room.

Energy Efficiency

LED under cabinet lights reign supreme in terms of energy efficiency. If minimizing electricity costs is a priority while still enjoying the benefits of your fixtures, LED options are the way to go.

When selecting under-cabinet lights, a balanced approach considering these factors ensures that you not only enhance the aesthetics but also optimize the functionality of your lighting solution.


The adoption of LED under cabinet lights presents an opportunity to reduce your energy consumption and maintenance expenses. 

If you’re intrigued by these advantages and desire to experience them firsthand, then we highly recommend you try them out now.

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