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Hazard Prevention Tubes that are ideal for Correctional Facility LED Lighting

See the Specification Sheets on this page for Prison LED Tubes that are free of any glass or metal so that inmates cannot weaponize the energy saving technology.

For your convenience, please see the LED Prison Lighting case study information below that is from the one page graphic case study.

LED Prison Lighting CASE STUDY: Corrections Facility

See the LED Prison Lighting for the Lauderdale County Jail. The innovative Replaceable Driver System for the RDS Tubes has 10 Year Warranty protection.

Project: Lauderdale County Jail

Highlights: Forward Thinking Municipal Facility for Energy Savings

Address: 2680 Sellers Drive Meridian, MS 39301

Owner: Lauderdale County

LED Prison Lighting Installation: Q2 2015

Opportunity for LED Prison Lights: In Mississippi, the Lauderdale County Detention Facility faced the same energy challenges as other Jails around the U.S. They demonstrated leadership by replacing the existing 4’ 32 watt T8 fluorescent tubes, running 24/7 for 8,760h/year with long lasting energy saving 15 watt LED tubes. At $.085/kWh, the T8 tubes cost $23.83 each per year to operate. Locally based, Southern LED Solutions, sourced the tubes from Independence LED to cut electricity cost by over 50%.

LED Prison Lighting Solution: 15 watt tubes with replaceable driver technology for high efficiency and longevity.

LED Prison Lighting Case Study Results: By reducing the tube wattage by an average of 53%, the annual savings is 148.92 kWh and $12.66 per tube every year. Over the 10 year life of the LEDs the energy savings is over $126 for every tube, plus about 2,000 lbs in CO2 emission reduction. That adds up to a ton of pollution reduction for each fluorescent tube replaced with the LED technology. These tubes also come in 12 watts, but the detention facility requested the brighter lights for the added safety measures.

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