Made in USA LED

Made in USA LED 2x2 Troffer for maximum cost-effective energy savings

For top Return on Investment (ROI) go with the Made in USA LED 2x2 Troffer from Independence LED Lighting.

We are one of the very first AUTHENTIC Made in USA LED 2×2 Troffer manufacturers for commercial LED lighting.

Technology Advantages:

High Efficiency & Many Design Options

With the high efficiency and  low cost, these troffers outperform fluorescent predecessors. The LED cost is approximately equivalent to fluorescent, while the electricity savings is 50% or more. Tenant fit-outs are well suited for these fixtures given that the tenants can choose from many different styles. For retrofits, compare the relevant utility rebates for fixtures vs tubes , since in many cases the troffers earn higher incentives and yield higher ROI.

Independence LED Lighting’s Made in USA LED 2×2 Troffer provides proven performance at the right price. 2017 is the 10 year anniversary of our company. Our industry leading 10 year warranty protects end users, without the fine print and limitations of other warranties, especially the typical 5 year warranties from Chinese LED manufacturers.

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