Next generation Agriculture with our LED GROW LIGHT Fixture Series


We engineer and manufacture in America the LED Grow Light series with the highest Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) per dollar for Vegetation and Flowering. Our award-winning American LED manufacturing is based in Pennsylvania, and we are pleased to offer commercial growers across the country reliable and cost-effective solutions. We also sell factory-direct to small scale and residential growers that want to increase their performance and energy savings.

In addition to Vegetation and Flowering fixtures, we offer custom solutions to meet your needs.  Our modular design and capacity to deliver Photosynthetic Photon Flux Density (PPFD) at varying wavelengths gives you a competitive advantage over other growers.


 Plant Growth + Energy Savings

LED Grow Light Solutions File and Testing Report

Sample Specification Sheets:

Sample “system” for Flowering Grow Light System GS1250

Sample “system” for Vegetation Grow Light System GS400-800


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FUTURE FOOD FILM: Our LED grow light technology is an integral part of this Future Food Film project. The 4 minute highlight video will change how you think about what you eat! The good news is that fresh and affordable vegetables are at hand.  CLICK HERE or on the image below to see the video and learn more about this work in progress:

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New Agriculture Grow Lights – We have completed the engineering for our latest series that will yield over 130 lumens per watt. The fixtures will replace common 400 watt metal halides with under 170 watts and cost under $300. The higher output model will replace 1,000 metal halides with under 330 watts and cost under $600. This ground-breaking new generation of fixtures has our Made in America quality, 10 year warranty, and category leading efficiency, as well as price points below the Chinese imports!  Plus, DesignLights Consortium (DLC) listing on our full-spectrum white light fixture series (High Bay Spec Sheets) will give indoor farmers the ability to earn utility rebates that reduce the cost even further.

When you click to Order a Sample, please let us know what you are growing so that we can match the LED Grow Light to your needs. We’ll get back to you with the specific pricing per unit and our factory direct volume levels. Overall, our grow lights have the highest Photosynthetic Active Radiation (PAR) per watt and the most cost-effective PAR per dollar. For samples, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee with a full refund on fixtures returned within 90 days. Simply, you only pay for what you want to keep after seeing the growth results for yourself!

Sample Testimonials from Growers:

“The Independence LED fixtures fostered vigorous and broad plant root structure, which led to successful transition from seedbed trays to larger individual plant trays.”
“Several observations that we have made are that the tomatoes are ready for grafting about 1 week earlier than I had expected and the newly grafted plants appear to recover 2-3 days sooner when they undergo the healing process under the ‘cooler’ temperature LED grow lights. The seedlings under the Grow Light are also much more compact and have deeper green healthy foliage.””
“The tomatoes flowered in as early as the first week of April, which is well in advance of previous growth without the Independence LED fixtures.
“You can see the cannabis trichomes growing on the sugar trim and more cola development than on the plants without your LEDs.”


The images below are examples of the content in our Multi-Page LED Grow Light Solutions File and Testing Report:

LED Grow Light
LED Grow Light 2

Note: For these LED Grow Light fixture studies, surface area analysis is conducted by flattening out the leaves and aligning  them vertically relative to the levels of plant growth. From the bottom up,  the LED resulted in significantly more roots, 2 “new born” vs zero, 5 infant leaves vs 3, comparable primary leaves, larger upper level leaves, and 2 vs 1 top upper growth leaves.

LED Grow Light 3

Sample Fixtures

For our LED Grow Lights we provide custom wavelengths upon request to match the needs of your organic plant material. Dimming comes standard on our systems, which enables you to control PAR output and also wavelength mix to optimize each phase of plant growth. We are leading this new generation of “Smart Controlled” Energy Intelligence Agriculture to empower you to cost-effectively increase harvest yield and reduce electricity costs.

LED Grow Light 4

Sample Linear Modular System

Beyond the Independence LED fixture series, our Linear Modular System is ideal for greenhouses. We let you take full advantage of natural sunlight during the day without creating shadows that reduce plant growth. On overcast and shorter sunlight days, our photocells lift the light to the levels needed for your plants to thrive. Plus, you can run a second light shift at night to increase your overall production yield.

NEWS: Groundbreaking Independence LED Grow Light System at PA FARM SHOW


or use

Inside Look: Independence LED Lighting Creates Better Produce!

Next-Generation Food Supply! See this time-lapse video showing 30 days growth in the controlled environment under Independence LED lighting. The LED Grow lighting creates a heavier and leafier product, which in this case is basil. To view state-of-the art Horticulture LED Lighting for advanced Agriculture Click Here

Inside Look: Commercial Grow Operation Construction

Just 30 DAYS TO BUILD! See this time-lapse video showing the Independence LED Lighting installation with Envista Farms. The transformation is from an empty warehouse to an indoor aquaponics farm. To view the future of food production, this is an example of a set up for Horticulture LED Lighting for advanced Agriculture Click Here

stem education

STEM Programs for Schools (K-12 + Colleges and Universities)

Independence LED has developed a cost-effective way for students to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math while simultaneously growing vegetables on their campus at a lower cost than what schools typically pay for the produce. Science classroom starter kits can run along walls or in 4’ x 8’ vertical rack systems. We help provide fresh, organic, GMO free, and local produce for a stronger body and mind. See the GREENandSAVE Article on our STEM Programs.

To learn more about our LED Grow Light technology see this Report (the STEM Program starts on page 55) and then Contact Us.

For specification information on our LED Grow Light technology see our Specification Sheets.

To learn more about the people behind our advanced LED Grow Light technology, please see the highlights on our Independence LED Lighting Executive Team.

Independence LED Lighting has pioneered innovations in LED Grow Light technology and energy efficient illumination that has garnered Media Attention.

Our Made in USA LED Grow Light technology is one of the most cost-effective ways to save energy. We look forward to working with you.