LED HIGH BAY Lighting Fixture Series

LED High Bay Lighting

Our Proven American Made, 10 Year Warranty, DLC Listed
LED High Bay Lighting fixtures provide saving and performance at the right price to deliver the Highest Lumens per Dollar over the Warrantied Life.
(#1 Best Value on the Global Market )

Sample Volume Pricing / LED High Bay Lighting Fixture
108 watt 12,200lm:  $210.69          162 watt 18,300lm:  $299.69
216 watt 24,400lm: $382.34          324 watt 36,600lm:  $554.37

Highlights on The Lowest Total Cost of Ownership LED High Bay Lighting:
Equivalent to: 250W HID, 400W HID, 1000W HID
Wattage Choices: 108, 162, 216, and 324 Watts
Lumens Output: 12,200, 18,300, 24,400, and 36,600 Lumens
Lm/Watt: 112 +
Lm/Dollar: 58 (23% more cost-effective than industry avg.)
Lm/Dollar over Warrantied Life: 586  (#1 Best Value on the Global Market)
Warranty: 10  Years (No “Fine Print” limiting hours or drivers)
Manufacturing: USA (True manufacturing, not just “Assembled” in the USA)
Life: 100,000 + Hours (Many competing fixtures have actual ratings at 50,000 hrs.)
Max Temperature: 140 F 140°F and 60°C (Top Thermal Management)
Dimming: Standard (Many manufactures charge more for this feature)

Occupancy Sensors: On-Board Optional
Beam Angle Variability: Reflectors Optional
Impact Protection: Cages Optional
Color: 5000K or Custom
Length x Width x Depth: 47.82” x 4.38” x 3.24” for 108w and 162w fixtures
Length x Width x Depth: 47.82” x 18” x 1.82” for 216w and 324w fixtures
Voltage: 120-277V
Samples Usually Ship 5-10 Business Days

100% Financing Available for LED High Bay Lighting:
$0 Upfront cost options that are cash flow positive from the start.

Competition Analysis
As you review imported and US Made LED High Bay Lighting fixture options, look beyond short term cost and efficiency.  The industry average is 44 lumens per dollar for LED High Bay Fixtures. Our Independence LED High Bay delivers 62. This 28% increase is an excellent metric for determining VALUE.  Plus, the industry average is 220 lumens per dollar over the warrantied life, and our Independence LED High Bay delvers 620. We more than double the average of our competitors, and this is about reliable long term VALUE over the life of your illumination.

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Proven Results
Go with a company that has LED High Bay Lighting Case Studies and Testimonials from installations over multiple years. Our history of LED technology leadership reached new levels when we moved our manufacturing from China to Pennsylvania in 2010. In addition to earning the trust of the U.S. Military and the Fortune 100, we won the Best Lighting Retrofit Award by the U.S. Green Building Council for the Urban Green Award. Our LED High Bay Lighting fixtures save  energy at facilities ranging from small scale warehouses to major product wholesalers like a recent Anheuser Busch Distribution Center. Ask for our account references, and we are pleased to make the introductions so that you can hear how we add value directly from the companies that are actively using our LED High Bay Lighting technology.