LED Parking Garage Fixture

Made in U.S.A LED Parking Garage Fixture + 10 Year Warranty


See the USA Made LED Parking Garage Fixture series with 10 Year Warranties from one of the leading American LED Light Manufacturers

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LED Parking Garage Fixture to replace Metal Halide and Fluorescent Fixtures

Energy rebates in select markets will now cover up to the cost of the fixture. With some utilities offering $250 per DLC Listed parking fixture, the rebates exceed Independence LED’s MSRP. The following chart lists rebate highlights for DLC listed LED parking garage fixtures from major utility companies in select metro markets. For the support file, scroll to the bottom of this page.

Our American made DLC Listed LED Parking Garage Fixture series is ideal for replacing 175 Watt Metal Halides and can save up to 75% on energy costs. Our American made line of LED Parking Garage fixture products are more efficient than imported products, and are backed by our 10 year warranty on the LED modules and external drivers. In garages or structured parking with vapor tight or strip fixtures our Retrofit Kits are excellent for existing fluorescent tube replacements. The retrofit kits can be used in your existing fixture housings.  Whether you use our DLC listed LED parking garage fixture or retrofit kit, you’ll find that they are the most reliable and cost-effective LED Parking Garage Fixture solutions on the market.

Downloads: Spec Sheets and Sample Retrofit Photos

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New: LED Rental Center This is Ideal for immediate energy savings without any upfront costs or ‘on balance sheet’ financing obligations.  Your savings simply exceeds the monthly expense.


Multi-Point Differentiation:

High Efficiency: Industry leading lumens / watt with each new generation of product releases

The Strongest Warranty: 10 Years without any restrictive “fine print” that limits your protection

Rebate Ready: DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Qualified Products List

UL Certification: Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Classified, not just Listed

Dimmable: Yes – Standard

Drivers: External and Smart Control Enabled

Manufactured in: U.S.A

Wattage Options: See the Spec Sheets under the Vapor Tights for the broad range of options.

Cost Savings over Competing Imports:

(Call for updates 484-588-5401, since we increase our efficiency with each new generation of products.)

Color and CRI Choices for Our LED Parking Garage Fixture:

Our LED Parking Garage Fixture comes standard at 5000K color temperature, which is the bright white that is most commonly requested by end users and members of our Authorized Reseller network. Upon request, we produce 3500K and 4000K LED parking garage fixtures,  and we  provide clear or frosted lens tubes. The clear lens LED tubes within the parking fixture are the default, because they emit more light than the frosted lens tubes. The standard LED parking fixture Color Rendering Index (CRI) is 70 to meet the requirements of the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Qualified Products List. Special order CRI 85 tubes are also available for our LED parking garage fixture but we have not seen the demand to date.

Smart Controls for Our LED Parking Garage Fixture:

Dimmability comes  standard. Plus, each fixture is “Smart Control Enabled “ to work with sensors. This empowers facility owners and operators to incorporate optional sensors that turn on the fixtures or increase the light levels only when vehicles or garage patrons  approach the parking levels or areas. The most common use of sensors is  on the ramps leading up or down to  a given level or at an elevator or stair triggered by pedestrians. The net result is a further reduction in energy costs, given that the  LED parking garage fixture is only operating at full capacity when the needed area is in  use.  Light harvesting is increasingly popular, and photocells can measure ambient light levels to dim back certain southern exposure fixtures on sunny days while alternatively increasing output on overcast days for northern exposure fixtures. This LED intelligence enables a new generation of smart parking facilities to adapt to conditions from occupancy to seasonality.  Strobing is also now possible to send alerts via the LED lighting systems across the parking structure or garage. This is a life safety benefit for situations such as evacuation in the event of severe weather, gun violence, or even terrorism at an airport, shopping mall, or other public areas with support parking.

Added Benefits:

Beam Angle Adjustment is  an excellent advantage for parking garage owners and operators. Our Independence LED tubes are powered by an external “independent” driver, which means that that we are able to bypass the fixture tombstones  and allow rotation at installation or anytime  afterwards. This is a particularly relevant benefit to increase light distribution at parking spaces or focus it at drive path areas. Plus, light pollution is an increasing concern for both urban and suburban structured parking garages and for owners seeking Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification.  The LED beam angle adjustment enables the parking structure to set the LED tubes facing down in the parking fixtures at the outside edge of the garage while the LED tubes in the same fixture can point inwards to spread the light across the floor plane for added illumination and security. The LED beam angle adjustment is a benefit with the LED Asymmetrical Light Output. Simply, the fixture has flexibility on both sides. Variables such as color and output allow the parking structure to further reduce light pollution by incorporating warmer color temperate tubes at the outside edge of the facility. This is a key advantage in applications such as multi-family properties or where residential buildings are adjacent to parking and residents prefer seeing the warmer color temperatures over the bright white light running through the night.


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