LED Rental

LED Rental Options for Commercial Property Owners and Business Managers


See the LED Rental options vs the path to Buy LED Lights. Compare Rental to LED Financing and LED Equipment Leasing programs for LED Lighting. Independence LED understands the need for facility owners and managers to “try before you buy” LED tubes and fixtures.  Our straightforward  LED Rental Center  simply lets you can see for yourself the quality of our LED tubes and fixtures in sample areas of your facility . At anytime you may choose to purchase the energy saving equipment and expand on the savings opportunities.

The LED rental rates are subject to rebate availability on a case-by-case basis per facility and utility company. Since we incur the responsibility of securing and collecting  the rebates and available tax incentives, the base rental rates are based on a typical $.10/annual kWh saved incentive program from utility companies. The savings calculations are based on 24/7 operations at $.12 / kWh. 24/7 facilities typically include Hospitals, Data and Call Centers,  Convenience Stores, Parking Garages, Warehouses, Distribution Centers, and Factories. Facilities running seven days a week such as Grocery and Retail Stores and Big Box stores are also well suited for LED retrofits.

The ‘Full Service Protection Plan’ is the worry free rental that includes labor service beyond the installation. For perspective, please see these common LED rental rates on five year (60 payment) programs:

SAMPLE Q2 2013


LED Rental 2


The NET SAVINGS may be significantly larger since the Estimated Total Savings does not include rising cost of electricity

(Historically 3%/Year)

To INITIATE the LED Rental Program:

Provide a completed Credit Application + First Month, Last Month, and Security Deposit (3 monthly rental payments) Per Fixture.

To EXTEND the LED Rental beyond the 5 Year Term:

Subject to the annual illumination run time, extensions are available between 2 to 5 years.


Our LED Rental Center helps overcome these key challenges:

#1: “We don’t have LEDs in our budget.”

Independence LED understands that most property owners and operators have not yet budgeted for LED tubes or multi-tube LED fixtures for troffer areas, parking garages, or high bays.

#2: “We’re not going to finance LEDs and add On Balance Sheet liability.”

Independence LED understands that many private sector companies have restrictions on adding “On Balance Sheet” debt to finance an LED retrofit project. The irony here is that the monthly loan payments are typically less than the monthly savings generated with the LEDs. However, we understand the friction in the system even though the obligation to pay the utility company is as much of cash liability as financing the energy savings.

#3: “We don’t own this building since we’re just tenants.”

Independence LED understands that many business do not own the buildings in which they operate. So, the “investment” into advanced lighting equipment feels like a stretch outside of a comfort zone even if the company has a long lease and pays the electricity bill for their designated space. The savings with LEDs is so dramatic that the payback comes for many facilities in less than three years, so there is an excellent Return on Investment (ROI) case for any business  planning to stay for five years or longer to take the initiative with LED tubes and fixtures.

#4: “We’re going to wait until the LED industry matures.”

Independence LED understands that facility managers have a responsibility to the owners of the property or the business to make well informed recommendations. LED technology is still relatively new to many facility managers, and we respect the caution given the inferior engineering of imported products on the market. Since the American Made line of Independence LED tubes and fixtures have been so rigorously engineered and installed across leading Fortune 100 Companies and the U.S. Military, this risk of “new” technology dissipates. Plus, factors like the approval by DesignLights Consortium (DLC) for the Qualified Products List, the approval by utility companies across the country for rebates, and the 10 year warranty, places Independence LED in a category all alone.

NO PROBLEM: The Independence LED Rental program is a simple way to engage and see for yourself the quality and performance of our LED products.

Sample Retrofit Photos