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Five Star Lighting Report

Do you know how much your lights cost to operate?

 Independence LED is pleased to provide objective and actionable intelligence to first audit and illustrate the cost per square foot of your lighting relative to industry averages and then help you determine the economic advantages of lighting upgrades for all or a portion of your facility or multi-location enterprise.  Our Five Star Lighting Report is not a sales proposal but an objective tool for you to go to bid or request proposals from lighting manufacturers or value-added resellers. Our reporting service is technology agnostic for retrofits and new construction for private sector business owners as well as public sector entities at federal, state, and municipal levels.

Measurement is the key to management.


Why Now? 

On average, lighting accounts for 30% of commercial energy consumption, and the latest technology can reduce operating costs by 50% or more. Improvements in efficiency and longevity for technology such as Light Emitting Diodes (LED) and reduced equipment costs can now yield Return on Investment (ROI) over 33% and paybacks in less than 3 years. Plus, $0 upfront cost financing programs can deliver cash-flow positive results from the start. Lighting is typically not sub-metered and the illumination market is increasingly complicated. So, understanding the economic impact of your ceiling and the advantages of new technology often requires a trusted auditor and advisor. Here are the five parts of our report:

LED Solutions Section 1: Comprehensive Lighting Audit 
We go beyond a typical lighting “count” to provide the complete information needed for you to make intelligent choices. 1.1: Lighting Schedule – List of fixture types with details including: Wattage, Color, Lens, Beam Angle, Reflectors, Rated Lumens, Directional Lumens, Rated Life, Ballast Factor,  and features such as Dimming, Occupancy Sensors, and Battery Back-ups

1.2: Fixture count by property section

1.3: Run-Time weekly hours of operation by area

1.4: Sensor review by the fixture and/or area with natural light for potential light harvesting

1.5: Ballast Analysis – Type and Power Factor with spot checks for fluorescent fixtures (This is key for potential retrofits with ballast compatible “Plug and Play” options.)

1.6: Age of Fixtures and prior relamping schedule (This is key for analysis in the rolling retrofit options)

1.7: Fixture Lens condition (This is key for a possible replacement for chipped or damaged lenses)

1.8: Ceiling height and fixture mounting height from finished floor and exterior mounting conditions

1.9: Fixture spacing

1.10: Footcandle spot check averages directly underneath fixtures and between fixtures

(The data collection for 1.8 – 1.10 is key for potential photometric layout analysis given that technology such as LEDs may have more directional light than existing conditions.)

LED Solutions Section 2: Smart Controls 
Review of daily usage in different areas, such as time in aisles for Distribution Centers, to inform opportunities for occupancy sensors. This is different than the existing run time data that may be in excess of the illumination needs.
LED Solutions Section 3: Utility Rebate Incentives 
Analysis of Rebate opportunities with the existing utility companies and comparison to alternative utility providers. Note that most utility companies have both prescriptive and custom rebates that have different incentives by type of retrofit and smart controls.
LED Solutions Section 4: Specification Guidelines 
Recommendations for Specifications on retrofit options taking into account performance data per the lighting needs of the facility and bid approaches such as Total Cost of Ownership and Warranty protection vs lowest commodity cost of equipment.
LED Solutions Section 5: Economic Analysis with Multi-Phased Plan 
Perspective on comparative performance is key to understanding if and when action is applicable and desirable. Our Five Star Report includes analysis such as your lighting cost / sq. ft. relative to industry averages by property type.

We also provide the economics to illustrate the savings potential with industry average price points on LEDs and smart controls so that you can review ROI and TCO.

This economic section of our report highlights which areas such as rooms with southern exposure to natural light may benefit from photocell light harvesting over other areas.

By evaluating the run times, we also provide guidance into which areas at lower levels of use do not warrant a retrofit at this time but may fall into a “Rolling-Retrofit” Phase 2 part of an overall plan when the existing lights burn out.

In this section, we review operating use as well as lighting, so if there are areas that need more light than existing, we can factor in the advantages to increase productivity and impact the bottom line.

The overall intention of this section is to help guide a bid or proposal request so that you focus on the highest and best use of available technology today to reduce cost and increase performance.

How it works: We provide the comprehensive services outlined above including on-site reviews and report generation. You support our analytic services with relevant information such as:


Our Five Star Lighting Report illustrates opportunities and serves as a navigation tool to help guide you across the increasingly complex lighting marketplace with the underlying goal of dedicating the least money to generate the highest increase in Net Operating Income.

Support Information relative to Independence LED Solutions

Here are multiple categories and sub-sets that illustrate how Independence LED manages the complexity of commercial illumination:

Independence LED Existing Condition Analysis:

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The examples below reflect a range of sample LED Partner Products that we review in the process of providing solutions to our clients.

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