Independence LED Testimonials from Customers as well as Strategic Sales Partners

Independence LED prides itself on delivering top LED services and manufacturing top LED products. For services, we have focused primarily on turn-key solutions in New York City and Greater Philadelphia for multi-property owners and managers. For manufacturing, we continue to expand on our line of award winning US made technology for commercial customers and for sales partners across America. The testimonials included here cover a range of our offerings. Also see our LED Case Studies


Major Metro Market – New York City

Many of the NYC Testimonials are also included in this Independence LED Testimonial Video.


Adams & Company: Victoria Benson – Project Director

(Commercial Real Estate Owners and Managers)

“At one of our Adams & Company properties, we had Independence LED sub-meter an entire stairwell up to 26 floors. We measured the amount of energy that we were purchasing on that stairwell for a certain period of time. I think it was three months, and then we had Independence LED install their product in that stairwell, and we saw cost savings immediately. Independence LED is now working on or has completed work at half of our portfolio, and our relationship is stronger than ever. We love the way that they manage their projects from beginning to end. They really take ownership of the projects like they were working in their own buildings, and that’s something that Adams & Company really appreciates.”


Newmark: 2 examples here from over 24 property retrofits in NYC

(Commercial Real Estate Owners and Managers)

Steven Demeri – 1560 Broadway Building Manager

“It was important for us to switch to the LED lights throughout the building for multiple reasons, with the number one being of course money savings. It’s a nice clean look. It gives a nice bright light. It was very nice to work with Independence LED, because they also provided us with an American made product, which is very nice to do.”

Martin McGrath – 515 Madison Avenue Building Manager

“Independence did a great job dealing with ConEd, dealing will all of the rebates. We just had to stand by. It wasn’t a lot of work on our end. It was a seamless process. It was a process that made me feel very confident in Independence. I’m thinking of introducing them to my co-op board. There’s no better compliment than a referral. That’s how I would summarize the whole experience.”


Dallas BBQ: Joseph Shpigel – CFO

(Restaurant Chain)

“Independence LED provided six retrofits at six locations, and we plan to roll out all locations. I just feel that Independence is a partner. They were not only interested in doing the installation and walk away. They are available. If we have any issues, they will come. We are pleased. I definitely would recommend it to other businesses.”


Bay City Metering: Marc Reimer – Managing Director

(Energy experts metering 600 Properties with 60,000 meters)

“We’re responsible for the electrical infrastructure to both commercial and residential buildings. We’ve had relationships with the ownerships for the last 40 years. Bringing in a company like Independence LED was something that we really needed to ensure that we were bringing the right company to the table. As a rep to this company, we are very excited to bring them forward.”


McHale Energy: Michael McHale – Owner

(Independent Energy Consultant)

Independence LED has put together a great team with the three core values that I look for in team members: Integrity, Honesty, and Energy. In working together with Independence LED over the years those core values are held high. Along with the product that’s American made, there was a great story behind a great product. The circle of integrity that has been created has allowed me to let Independence LED take the turn-key approach to doing everything from auditing to rebates to applications and installations. We’ve hit a home run with Independence LED.


Muss Development: Jeff Kay – Chief Operating Officer

(Real Estate Development)

The excerpt and quotations below are from the Press Release following the retrofit with Independence LED parking garage fixtures for the Brooklyn Renaissance Plaza:

By reducing the fixture wattage from 175 to 44, the savings is an annual $230 per fixture. With 375 fixtures, the annual savings is $86,250. Over the 60,000 hour 7 year life of the LEDs at 24/7, the lifetime energy savings is $603,750. With historical 3% average annual increase in energy cost and reduced bulb replacement and maintenance labor, the savings is closer to $700,000. This project also earned a major $68,000 NYSE RDA energy rebate, bringing the payback to under a year and a half and the ROI to over 70%.

“Being green not only has a positive impact on the environment but saves money,” said Jeff Kay, Chief Operating Officer of Muss Development. “The LED lighting upgrade is expected to pay back returns in the next 18 months, and we are seeking to employ this strategy throughout our entire portfolio.”


Urban Health Plan: Paloma Hernandez – President & CEO


“This LED initiative is in line with a key aspect of our Vision to ‘focus on incorporating state of the art technology’. It also aligns well with one of our seven core Values ‘Innovation’ to take a transformational approach to healthcare. Running an energy-efficient facility is a primary concern for Urban Health Plan; it is consistent with all of UHP’s cost-savings initiatives.” Kris Shaw, the CEO of Crescent Energy was the Energy Advisor & Specifier on the Urban Health Plan project. He said, “In working with UHP, we identified longevity and efficiency considerations and recommended Independence LED because of the advanced thermal management on their products, their market traction and reputation, and the U.S. Made Quality Assurance.”


Davis and Warshow: David Finkel – President

(Distribution Center – purchased by Ferguson)

The excerpt and quotations below are from the Press Release following the rebate/lighting ceremony:–warshow-is-the-first-facility-in-america-to-achieve-net-zero-lighting-costs-with-led-tubes-170708606.html)

According to Davis & Warshow president David Finkel, the company’s investment to convert to LED tube lights was more than $250,000. On September 12th, 2012 at a brief ceremony at the Maspeth headquarters, Con Edison executives presented Finkel with a check totaling $63,704. “The amount represented rebates we earned for the lighting conversion based on annual kWh saved using the made-in-America fixtures,” he said.  “Moreover, in five years time our investment will have paid for itself, with the rebates we’ve earned and the overall energy savings.”

Both the installation of the solar array and the LED conversion are part of Davis & Warshow’s Practically Green program – a pragmatic, small-steps approach to going green that the company inaugurated in 2008.

“Our small steps are adding up to a giant leap in sustainability, and we are proof positive that even small companies like ours can make a difference in reducing their environmental footprint for the better of the planet,” said Finkel. Earlier this year, he was honored by the Urban Green Council, New York’s chapter of the USGBC, cited as a role model in “building a greener New York.”

“We are pleased to support Davis & Warshow’s efforts to make their business more sustainable,” said David Pospisil, program manager of the Con Edison’s Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs who presented the five-figure rebate. “Con Edison’s incentives and rebates help businesses like Davis & Warshow make smart investments to improve the energy and environmental performance of their buildings.”

Sample Property Types – From across the U.S.


Distribution Centers:

“We looked at multiple lighting companies and chose Independence LED for their product efficiency, track record of installations, cost-effective solutions, and U.S. made quality and reliability. We also appreciate that Independence stepped up to meet our tight delivery time frame and make some custom fixtures to meet our foot candle needs throughout the facility. – Gerry Dougherty – Gretz Beer Company V.P. of Operation. Gretz operates a major Anheuser-Busch Wholesale Distribution Center, Hatfield, PA

“We are very pleased with our new Independence LED lighting and believe that this was not only a great financial decision for our company, it was a decision made all the easier by the creation of U.S. jobs, and is consistent with our commitment to environmental stewardship.” – Mike Gretz – Gretz Beer Company President.  Mike is currently a board member of the National Beer Wholesalers Association ( and is past Chairperson of the NBWA Innovation & Technology Committee.


Office/Administrative Properties:

“The Independence LED’s external power supply and advanced thermal management design allows for considerably longer life, and the 10 year warranty is unmatched in the industry.” – Tim Hatamian, Pacific Lighting Management re: Retrofit for the USDA Forest Service Pacific Southwest Region Administrative Offices, Vallejo, CA


Auto Service Centers:

The following quotes are from multiple different Monro Muffler store managers in different areas, after Independence LED completed its lighting retrofits:

“The new lights are just a lot brighter. It’s a lot easier to work in the shop with bright lights.”

“These are clean, I mean, you can read minute letters without even trying.”

“Especially with the time of year it is now, it gets darker a lot earlier. It stays a lot brighter in here, and it is just much easier for us to do our job.”

“You can see so much more of the car. You can see down into the cracks and crevasses. It allows you to leave both hands clear to work on the car instead of sticking a flashlight somewhere and then trying to do what’s left with the hand you have.”

“The presentation is much better when you’re selling at the car, bring the customer out. I’d rather show you what’s wrong.”

“You look at it out there, the shops clean, everything is where it’s supposed to be. You know where everything is, everything is well lit. It just gives you a better attitude when you come in.”

(Reference to store appearance in Connecticut from the outside) “You look like you’re here and you’re ready to work. You look you’re open and you’re ready for business. If you’re dark and dingy, people drive by to the next store. Presentation is everything.”


Auto Dealerships:

“I think it looks awesome. It really has a natural light that almost reminds me of a skylight. It’s beautiful. Long-time customers that have seen the old building and now the new building are very impressed with what they have seen so far. I think it really displays the vehicles well. The show of the vehicles is great. The natural colors are great. We’re very impressed.” – Michael Strenge – McCafferty Hyundai General Sales Manager, Langhorne, PA


Parking Garages:

“We are very pleased with the new lights in the Chapel Square Garage. The increased lighting levels create an even greater feeling of comfort and security for our guests.” Propark: Steve Foster – Senior Account Manager – Garage at the Omni Hotel, in New Haven, CT


Retail Stores:

Lighting is a key element in retail. At first, I was unsure whether or not LED lighting could maintain the nostalgic feel in our 100-year old barn that houses the retail store. However, after seeing the color versatility and the design capabilities that LEDs have to offer, it was a no-brainer. Now I’m saving over $7,000 a year and my store looks better than ever! – David Braxton, Owner Braxton’s Animal Works, Wayne, PA


Multiple Other Property Types:

Since Independence LED manufacturer and provides our technology to a growing network of Authorized Resellers, the following are sample testimonials from end users to the resellers:

“Our conversion to LED has proven to be one of our best decisions in years from an operational standpoint. The monthly cost savings have exceeded our expectations. We hope to have this quality and efficient lighting in all of our locations soon!” – Bill Allen President, Newell Paper Company

“We installed 2’, 4’ and 8’ LED tubes in various applications throughout the hospital. The difference is literally night and day.” – Brent Moore A&B Electric – lead electrician

“Waters has been very pleased with the performance of our LED fixtures we have placed in our shop over our technician bays. We have seen a boost in productivity and general safety from our technicians due to the increase in clean light reaching the work area. They are also meeting our expectations in regards to power consumption reduction as well as a decrease in maintenance.” – Josh Waters Owner, Waters International

Sample Reps and Resellers – From across the U.S.

Independence LED is committed to working with our Manufacturer Representatives and Authorized Resellers. Since launching our channel sales program in 2010, many of our partners have demonstrated the insight and tenacity to help us advance the American Energy Revolution.

Here is a March 17, 2016 note from one of the most recent additions to our team, who has multiple decades of experience in lighting:

“Please let Mary Doscher know that I got my sales sample and could not be more excited!
I’ve been doing the LED deal 32 years, and I am very proud to be associated with Independence LED … A real class act!” – Richard Saffa – Sherman, Texas


“I’ve done a lot of research, and I understand the damage that heat can cause to anything, especially electronics. That was one of the things that led me to go with Independence, because the aluminum extrusion on the back of the unit to me is an excellent design. With the deep fins, I haven’t found anything better at removing the heat from the diodes. Clients and prospects are very impressed. It’s a common sense kind of thing. Most people that go by common sense can look at this thing and say well there’s something to that – pulling that heat away from that unit.   It sells itself.” – Randy Eli – Nashville, Tennessee


“We did a tremendous installation the other day. We took out four 96 watt 8 foot fluorescent tubes, and we put in four of your 30 watt LED replacements. We got the same foot candle output, and our client is exceptionally pleased. We have a 24 hour run time on these lights, and we are saving $10 per tube per month. Our client will be saving a lot of money thanks to you!” – Todd Orr – Norwalk, Connecticut


“We provide our clients with energy solutions, which means that we have to do a lot of research. One of the things that we found in the marketplace was a product by Independence LED. What attracted us to Independence is that we were looking for a product that could dissipate the heat. We used this Independence LED product in a showroom for one of the flagship stores for BMW. Not only did this product perform extremely well, from the heat dissipation, but you should see the illumination that this puts out on the BMW cars. And, while we were there they became a Rolls Royce dealer. The Rolls Royce colors that are being displayed are just remarkable. So, we’re a big fan of Independence LED.” – Ed Mazyck – Sacramento, California


“In the United States government there is so much electricity being used to light government buildings everywhere. Millions of square footage of space is being lit with fluorescent lighting. It really makes sense to change out those lights with LED lights to save the government millions of dollars a month. As a service disabled veteran owned business, my job is really to go after government contracts in a way to provide a support, to provide a service, to provide something that can reduce the amount of money being spent on everything else other than the actual war fighter. We need money to go to the war fighter to pay for guns, to pay for bullets, to pay for food, to pay just to get the military over to the fight. So, my job is to help reduce costs that aren’t related to that. If we’re spending money on fluorescent lights, we’re wrong!

On Independence LED products that are Made in America – We want to rely less on foreign products and less on foreign energy sources. It’s part of our national security effort. It’s positive, and it’s important” – Steve Hodge secured the Independence LED installation at U.S. Marine Corps Base Quantico as one of the very first U.S. military facilities to retrofit with LEDs and made in America technology. – Steve Hodge – Service Disabled Veteran Minority Small Business Owner – Alexandria, Virginia