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LED T8 TUBES (also fit fixtures with T12 Tubes):

The “Best Built” Independence LED T8 Tube is the linear module that drives energy efficiency and operating cost efficiency. We typically save 65% over fluorescent tubes and outperform the LED competition by 20% in efficiency and cost reduction. Downloads: Spec Sheets and Sample Retrofit Photos See a LED T8 Tube Sample First Hand (50% Security Deposit and 100% Money Back Guarantee) Order Samples New: LED Rental Center – This is Ideal for immediate energy savings without any upfront costs or ‘on balance sheet’ financing obligations.  Your savings simply exceeds the monthly expense.



LED T8 Tube Multi-Point Differentiation:

High Efficiency: Industry-leading lumens/watt with each new generation of product releases

The Strongest Warranty: 10 Years without any restrictive “fine print” that limits your protection

The Best Thermal Management: Deep Fin Aircraft Grade Aluminum Heat Sinks

Rebate Ready: DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Qualified Products List

UL Certification: Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Classified, not just Listed

Dimmable: Yes – Standard

Drivers: External and Smart Control Enabled

Manufactured in: U.S.A

LED T8 Tube Wattage Options: See the Spec Sheets under the Retrofit Kits for the broad range of options

Cost Savings over Competing Imports for LED T8 Tubes:

(Call for updates 484-588-5401, since we increase our efficiency with each new generation of products.)

Not all tubes are created equal. Our 12-watt tube emits as much light as many 16 watt imports. So, although ours may be more expensive, you need to look at the operating cost and lifetime kWh saved to assess the VALUE.

With our ten-year warranty over competing for three and five-year warranties, you may also save more money by only buying one of our tubes vs two or three imports.  Plus, look at the fixture retrofit costs, not just the tube costs. As an example,  a four-tube fluorescent troffer may need four 16 watts imported led tubes, while we can retrofit the fixture with the same output via just two of our 22-watt tubes at CRI 85. The typical existing starting point of a 2’ x 4’ troffer with four 32 watt T8s totals  128 watts.

The import retrofit comes down to 64 watts, but the Independence LED solution is only 44 watts.  The cost of our fixture retrofit solution is typically less than the imports, the wattage is lower, and the warranty is longer. This is often an eye-opener for facility owners and managers who at first saw the Independence LED tubes as more expensive. We are actually the most cost-effective solution.

Color and CRI Choices for LED T8 Tubes:

Our LED tube comes in standard 3500K, 4000K, and 5000K color temperatures, which is the most commonly requested by end-users and members of our Authorized Reseller network. Upon request, we produce custom colors as well.  

We provide clear lenses as well as frosted lens tubes.  The clear lens  LED tubes are the default because they emit more light than the frosted lens tubes. For commercial applications, such as troffer retrofits, the standard Color Rendering Index (CRI) is 85 to meet the requirements of the DesignLights Consortium (DLC) Qualified Products List.

Special order CRI 90 LED tubes are also available upon request.  If rebates are not available through your utility company for the retrofit or new construction project, then you may want to consider CRI 70 since the lower CRI increases the light output. CRI 70 is the standard for parking garages and industrial applications.

Smart Controls for LED T8 Tubes:

Each LED T8 tube is “Smart Control Enabled “ to work with sensors. This empowers facility owners and operators to incorporate optional sensors that turn on the fixtures or increase the light levels only when designated areas are in use.

See the Smart Control examples for different applications: LED Troffer FixturesLED Parking Garage Fixtures, and LED High Bay Fixtures

Added Benefits of LED T8 Tubes:

The added benefits of our LED T8 tubes are relative to the different applications and use in different fixtures. Here are a few examples:

Beam Angle Adjustment

Our external independent driver bypasses the tombstones,  so you can adjust the beam angle. This is often an advantage in parking garages to increase the light distribution or for warehouse or big box retail to illuminate high storage areas.


This is a key way to reduce operating costs at certain times of the day or in areas that may not need as much light as others.

Light Harvesting

Optional photocells measure ambient light levels to then dim back the LED T8 tubes at times when natural light shares in the delivery. This is key for classrooms, offices, and also warehouses, distribution centers, and factories that may have skylights or clear stories.


Our external independent driver bypasses the tombstones,  so you can place our tubes adjacent to tombstones or in the center of a fixture for symmetry.  This is often an advantage for de-lamping from four-tube fluorescent troffers down to three LED tubes given our UL-approved clip bracket that comes with each LED T8 tube.

Damaged Fixture Override

Many older fluorescent fixtures have brittle plastic tombstones that can chip when the tubes are changed. Since Independence LED T8 tubes do not use the tombstone to power the tubes, the installation cost is significantly less expensive without having to change tombstones or while fixtures.

Asymmetrical Configurations

In certain applications like parking garages, it is advantageous to reduce light pollution by using a warmer color temperature tube or a lower wattage tube on the outside edge of facilities. With our led tube system you can have different tube colors, wattage, and beam angle adjustments within the same fixture.

High Heat Tolerance

Our deep fin aircraft grade aluminum heat sink delivers a surface temperature of  43° C while competing tubes run in the mid 50s. This not only extends the life of the LED T8 tubes but also gives us the ability to run tubes in high bay fixtures up to 140° Fahrenheit while other  LEDs max out at 122° Fahrenheit . This is key for unconditioned facilities such as warehouses in warm climates.

Strobing for Life Safety

Concerns are rising at facilities such as schools for extreme weather hazards or gun shootings.  For industrial facilities, toxic leaks have been an ongoing concern for alerts. Overall the threat of terrorism is a pressing concern for public and private facilities. The Independence LED T8 tubes to come with the external independent driver that provides optional stobing for life safety alerts though across whole facilities or sections to provide life safety alerts for evacuation or lockdown measures.

Cash for Clunkers

Out of the 2.3 Billion fluorescent tubes in U.S. ceilings according to the Department of Energy (DOE) over 900 million is the most inefficient T12s. The DOE ban on the manufacturing and importation of the ballasts and tubes has naturally created a demand to change the lights. See  incentive program on Cash for Clunkers

NEW: Custom LED Build-A-Tube “Have it your way”

If you let us know the following parameters, we will provide you with a cost to build your desired tube. Each tube will include our industry-leading deep fin aircraft-grade aluminum heat sinks and external independent drivers.

Length (2’, 3’, 4’, 5’, 6’, 7’, 8’, or custom):

Color Temperature (3500K, 4000K, 5000K, or custom):

Color Rendering Index (CRI 70, 85, or custom):

End Caps (Bi-Pin, Single Pin, or HO):

Lens: (Clear, or Frosted):

Dimming (Yes/No):

Target Directional Lumens: (your estimate):

Special Requests:

See the dedicated section of our website with the Request Form download for the Custom Build-A-Tube Request Form

Overall Quality Inspiration:

Our LED T8 tubes are the “Best Built” form of lighting on the market, and they serve as the workhorse of 24/7 commercial, industrial, and military illumination.  The LED market is in a race to the bottom of price, while we have been in a race to the top of performance.  We were recently inspired by the message of an iconic brand that has secured its position as a leading workhorse in the beverage industry. Budweiser’s creed is clear, “This is the famous Budweiser beer. We know of no brand produced by any other brewer which costs so much to brew and age. Our exclusive beechwood aging produces a taste, a smoothness, and a drinkability you will find in no other beer at any price.”

Our position is equally clear, “This is the famous Independence LED tube. We know of no brand produced by any other lighting company which costs so much to manufacture and test. Our exclusive deep fin aircraft-grade aluminum heat sink and external independent driver produces a consistency, longevity, and efficiency you will find in no other tube at any price.”

LED T8 Tubes