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Commercial LED Lighting manufacturers continue to improve product efficiency and reliability. LED Tubes dominate ceilings, so see the LED Tube News

A few News Highlights from 2011 to 2013


WINNER: 2013 Best Lighting Retrofit

See: Media Coverage


LIGHTFAIR International:  (April 2013)

Feedback from Distributors on Independence LED products at the world’s largest annual architectural and commercial lighting trade show and conference. See: Video Interviews. For more on the event and media coverage,  see Independence LED at LIGHTFAIR


For Perspective:

White Paper + Sales Triple from Last Year

T12 to LED Tubes: White Paper + 3X Sales: Press Release



Boot Camp – Launch of Online Resources

Support materials for our Authorized Reseller Network: Boot Camp

Global kWh Cost “Mapping” Release

US and International kWh Cost Research: Global kWh Research & Maps

LED Retrofit Photo Gallery

Diverse applications for our LED Tubes and Fixtures: LED Retrofit Photos



Video Series Release

Training Module Series for Authorized Resellers: Video Series

GALA for Urban Green Council

One of Independence LEDs end users, Davis & Warshow, is the honoree at the annual event: Davis & Warshow and Award Show

Speaker Series Release

Background and engagements: Speaking Engagements

LED Tube News
LED Tube News 2

LED Tube News from March 2012: Annual Report – SALES TRIPLE. Independence LED reports that its 2011 sales grew nearly 300% from 2010. To celebrate, the Company issues a press release with accompanying advertising on the Reuters Sign in the heart of Times Square. The message “Lighting the American Energy Revolution” is included above the Red, White, and Blue logo to reinforce the Made in U.S.A LED Tubes. The sign at 42nd and 7th Avenue, is one of the world’s largest digital signs, and it is located just south of Independence LED’s Mid-Town Office at 60th and 5th Avenue.


2011: SUMMER and FALL

One  Year Anniversary of shift to American LED Manufacturing followed by launch of Authorized Reseller Spotlight Program.

Independence LED has taken the lead among LED manufacturers to launch an “Authorized Reseller Spotlight” Program. The launch is one of the initiatives that is part of the anniversary of the shift from manufacturing in China to Boyertown, Pennsylvania.

The vast majority of LED Manufactures are overseas and they focus on their core production business over promoting their resellers through any overt programs.  Independence LED is please to announce the launch of the Authorized Reseller Spotlight program that includes a range of media support initiatives. At its core, the program includes a means for prospective buyers to review the different nuances in auditing, installation, and support service offerings provided by the different types of EAGLE LED TUBE and Fixture resellers across the US Marketplace.The LED Resellers vary in geographical territory as well as across categories such as: Stocking Distributors, Dealers, Maintenance Companies, Lighting Product Specifiers,  Electrical Contractors, Value Added Resellers, Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), Cleantech  – Solar, Wind, Fuel Cell, etc. Installers,  Lighting Design Firms, Construction Management Firms ,and others.

“Since the overseas LED manufacturing industry is often so mired with the details of production, the LED manufacturers rarely promote their resellers. We take particular pride in our Independence ‘Made in America’ LED manufacturing, so we also take great pride in the members of our Authorized Reseller Network. Our approach is focused on strength in numbers to gain traction in this rapidly growing American Energy Revolution.” – Charlie Szoradi,  Independence LED Founder & Chairman

To see sample “Authorized Reseller Spotlights” visit: Independence LED’s Distributor News

OCTOBER 21st 2011: EAGLE LED TUBES and Qualify for Utility Company Rebates for Con Edison
Act Now to Cash In on 2011 Incentives. LED Saving Solutions is a Con Edison Marketing Partner, and the current Rebates are on annualized kWh saved. Con Edison customers have already taken advantage of more than $12 million in incentives that helped them save more than 114 million kWh and 810,000 therms through Con Edison’s Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Energy Efficiency Program. We’re asking our customers and Market Partners to complete all energy efficiency upgrade projects by the end of 2011, if possible. This will help us to achieve the program’s 2010-2011 energy-savings goals. Let’s work together to get your required program completion documentation submitted so that you can receive your eligible 2011 cash incentives. More info and Return completed program documentation by mail, fax or email to: Con Edison C&I Energy Efficiency Program c/o Lockheed Martin. 880 Third Avenue, 9th floor New York, NY 10022 Fax: 646-833-1046

Range of Media Coverage related to LED Tube News:

EXAMPLE of National Main Stream Media: NEWSWEEK
10 Big Green Ideas – Lighten Up

Independence LED Lighting, LLC was formed out of LED Saving Solutions, and the CEO,
Charlie Szoradi was interviewed for the  Newsweek “10 Big Green Ideas” Profile.

Excerpt: The best green ideas are ones that save you money, right away, without any kind of government subsidy or legislation. And there’s no better example of that than LED lighting. Sure, LED bulbs cost more than traditional ones. But they also save tons of money on electricity by sipping less juice to make the same amount of light. “If you spend $100,000 to retrofit a parking garage with LED lights, I can save you $100,000 a year on electricity,” says Charles Szoradi, CEO of LED Savings Solutions, in Devon, Pa. What’s more, those LED bulbs will last up to 10 years, so that $100,000 initial investment could deliver $1 million in gross savings. No wonder big companies are jumping on the LED bandwagon, among them Wal-Mart, which announced plans to put LED lights in 650 stores. That deal and others like it are fueling a boom for Durham, N.C.–based Cree Inc., which makes the semiconductors used in LED lights, as well as some LED bulbs of its own. After several years of modest growth, Cree’s revenues have exploded. Sales in the 2010 fiscal year, which ended in June, grew 53 percent to $867 million, and analysts expect sales to hit $1.2 billion in the current year. With numbers like that, no one can deny that environmentalism is a bright idea. — Daniel Lyons  

LED Tube News 3

EXAMPLE National LED Trade Publication: LEDS Magazine
Applebee’s Neighborhood Grill and Bar
LEDs for Applebee’s Article


Green Garage Lighting
Green Garage Lighting Article

EXAMPLE International News: First Eco-Sponsored Race Car
Daytona International Motor Speedway

Revolution Energy Group is the holding company of GREENandSAVE and Independence LED Lighting, which was born out of LED Saving Solutions.  Our team were pleased  to take the lead on the first ‘Green’ Sponsored race car to promote LED and other energy efficiency measures in America.
One of many Articles: Sample Race Car Article
Celebrity Race Car Signing: Music Legend Bob Weir signs Race Car
Race Day Photos:
Race Car Photos


LED Tube News related to a Total ENERGY Retrofit Profile: Main Line Chamber of Commerce – Green Makeover Project. Independence LED’s Chairman Charlie Szoradi represent the GREENandSAVE sister company for the lighting portion of the project: http://youtu.be/6qskRKzaSqE


VIDEO Production: Light Bike

(60 Second Technology Highlight on Independence LED and the EAGLE LED TUBE)

The “light bicycle” was developed for an education outreach program in schools across the Northeast on Earth Days starting in 2010.

LED Tube News 3
LED Tube News 4
LED Tube News 4