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Only Chips from the Black Body Curve

  • Warm White
  • Neutral ‘Daylight’
  • Cool  White…and Custom
The EAGLE LED TUBE Quality is at the center of the technology series with three different standard color temperatures to meet the aesthetic needs of property owners and managers. We select the Chips on the Black Body Curve to ensure the highest levels of consistency. For Independence LED, the Quality of the light is manifested in the color temperature, but it goes beyond the diodes to the core of the Quality Manufacturing Process.
After contract manufacturing overseas and seeing the shortfalls in production quality, we moved our manufacturing from China to Boyertown, Pennsylvania in 2010. N0w we ensure quality production and also meet the BUY AMERICA Qualifications for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).
We extend our attention to detail and LED Tube Quality Assurance all of the way through to Product Delivery. Our Fullfillment Team has developed custom LED Tube packaging to ensure that our Authorized Resellers and their Customers receive the EAGLE LED TUBES in perfect condition.
LED Tube Quality
LED Tube Quality 2

Using Chips from broader “Bins” reduces color
consistency. We only use Chips from the Black Body Curve.

Made in America – The QUALITY MANUFACTURING PROCESS: Our US Manufacturing Team consists of experienced Engineers, Technicians, and Assemblers, with a strong background in the Light Emitting Diode and Printed Circuit Board Assembly process. The 36,000 sq. ft. Manufacturing Facility in Boyertown, Pennsylvania is within 45 minutes of our Corporate Headquarters in Greater Philadelphia. For the EAGLE LED TUBE system, we have multiple lines of high speed surface mounting equipment. The automated pick and place unit speed per line runs from 18,000 to 40,000 diodes per hour. With multiple lines running, we can produce 200,000 LED tubes per month. This is over ten times the previous overseas manufacturing that relied on hand work to apply the diodes to the printed circuit boards. The Surface Mounted Diodes (SMD) that we apply to the Aluminum Printed Circuit Boards vs. the Thru Hole Diodes previously applied by hand to Fiberglass Printed Surface Boards create a three point Manufacturing advantage:


1) ACCURACY: The accuracy of the automated system is to 1/1000 of an inch, which is significantly tighter in tolerance than any hand assembly overseas.


2) LONGEVITY: The combination of placing the SMDs on an Aluminum Printed Circuit Board increases the life of the Light Engine, due to the conductive value of aluminum over fiberglass and due to the stability of the SMD over the Thru Hole predecessors. Removing the heat from the Light Engine is simply key to maintaining the life of the semi-conductors.


3) EFFICIENCY:  By using automated equipment vs. overseas hand labor, we are able to increase quality assurance and also stay competitive on pricing in the mid to high volume Global Market place. Our 12″ Modular Light Engine for the FlexDensity EAGLE LED TUBE System scales from 1′ to 8′ length Tubes. 8 lengths with 3 Wattage levels for each, yields 24 Tubes. With 3 different color temperature options, the Tube choice expands to 72. Given clear and frosted lens options, the choices grow to 144. With our Multi-Tube Fixtures from single to 6 Tube housings, we offer our Authorized Resellers the ability to match the lighting requirements of a diverse range of applications.


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