See the LIGHTFAIR 2015 profile on Made in USA Lighting from one of the leading American LED Light Manufacturers. Top LED High Bay Fixture


This year, the three day Trade Show and Conference welcomed over 26,000 registered attendees from around the world to the Javits Center in New York, NY: May 5-7. Independence LED Lighting’s VP of Engineering, Glenn, and our CEO, Charlie Szoradi, are photographed below at the LIGHTFAIR 2015 exhibition booth with one of the new generation high performance Made in America Independence LED light fixtures overhead.


We have exhibited at a broad range of local, regional, national, and international trade shows over the years to display our Made in America Commercial LED Lighting Solutions. The fixture types have ranged dramatically since property needs, types, and sizes vary greatly. We now have solutions to meet the needs of any lighting application. We also provide comprehensive services to support our customers. To see videos of our installations see the LED Video Showroom.

Please note that visiting one of our exhibition displays is often just the beginning of the process, because we invite you to visit our full property retrofit installations. For information on locations near you, please Contact Us and let us know your city or town and the type of property that you would like to see. After meeting with property owners and business managers we often learn that occupancy sensors and smart controls can provide added energy savings at favorable ROI levels. So, beyond these LED exhibition displays, motion plays a growing role in our overall Commercial LED Lighting Solutions.

Reflectors are playing an increasing role in the innovation from our engineering team, given requests from some clients for specialized lighting needs. With such a range of hundreds of different sub-set products, we do not have the room at trade show exhibitions such as LIGHTFAIR 2015 and previous exhibitions at LIGHTFAIR 2014, and LIGHTFAIR 2013 to display the full range of our USA Made LED Lights.

As an example of a reflector fixture, for a grocery store chain, we developed aisle lighting that provides enhanced foot candles at the lower level shelving in addition to the floor so that customers could more easily read the product labels. These type of nuances for our LED Aisle Lights are difficult to fully represent at trade shows, so we often recommend that interested customers order samples to see the advantages of our technology first hand in their own facilities.