LED High Bay

LED High Bay Fixture comparisons against other types of lighting

See the USA Made LED High Bay Fixture comparisons with 10 Year Warranties from one of the leading American LED Light Manufacturers.

The calculations assume comparable directional lumens, foot candles, or lux for Metal Halide (400W) High Bay fixture as the existing installed default, and the U.S. average $.12 Cost / kWh. With Independence LED’s  10  Year Warranty at 100,000 hours of life,  common scenarios for 6,000 (16 hours / day) include double shift factory, warehouse, or distribution centers as well as gymnasium and big box retailers. The Independence LED performance is even better for 24/7 operations, which is common for so many industrial and distribution facilities.


For a Total Cost of Ownership Comparison for your specific facility, Contact Us

Just make sure to let us know the type and wattage of existing fixtures or considerations for new fixtures, the annual hours of operation, and your cost / kWh.

We compare a broad range of fixtures in our ongoing Total Cost of Ownership analysis relative to our 10 Year Warranty American Made LED High Bay fixtures. Within each category of comparison High Bays, we look at multiple sub-sets and run the calculations based on data averages. Over the past few years, the manufacturers of the fixture types have ranged dramatically and our LED technology has also improved along the way. See our latest LED High Bay Spec Sheets for the most up to date wattage, output and details.

Smart controls and reflectors are playing an increasing role in the innovation from our engineering team, given requests from some clients for specialized lighting needs. Our LED High Bay series comes with multiple different options for occupancy sensors and reflectors. For certain applications like Distribution Centers, the reflectors help deliver the right foot candle levels to the storage rack systems as well as the floor. This helps the forklift truck operators clearly see the bar codes and labeling to streamline the pallet pick up. The right type of LED High Bay lights can dramatically reduce energy waste and also help optimize business process for something that we often take for granted like loading a truck. One less mistake in picking a pallet saves time as well as fuel. These micro efficiencies have positive macro impacts.