Made in USA LED Strip Kit for maximum cost-effective energy savings

For top Return on Investment (ROI) go with the Made in USA LED Strip Kit from Independence LED Lighting.

We are one of the very first AUTHENTIC Made in USA LED Strip Kit manufacturers for commercial LED lighting. See the highlights below, and for more information see the Made in USA LED Strip Kit Specification Sheet. For wholesale and factory-direct pricing Contact Us or call our Greater Philadelphia Area Headquarters at: 484-588-5401. Also see our Catalog for other top performing LED fixtures.


Independence LED Lighting is pleased to partner with Optilumen to provide both Premium RKT LED Strip Kits and Economy RKS LED Strip Kits. Both of these Optilumen series luminaires have magnet backed strips and drivers for fast and easy installation. They are cost effective and starting in Q4 2020 wholesale buyers and end users will have Buy American Act (BAA) Compliant options. The currently available imported strip kits are one of the most cost-effective ways to retrofit troffers, and the BAA options are priced competitively as well!


Technology Advantages:

  • Cost Effective: Low cost and high efficiency for low operating expense with options for multiple strips per driver
  • Thermal Management: Air flow in the plenum as a component of the heat sink
  • Flexibility: Install strips without relying on the tombstones which allows for simple delamping
  • Simple Install: Thermally conductive magnets with three holes and accompanying self-tapping screws for quick and easy installation

Note: This kit also comes with a 5 year warranty “economy” line for facilities with below 50 hours of weekly illumination.


Independence LED Lighting’s Made in USA LED Strip Kit provides proven performance at the right price. 2017 is the 10 year anniversary of our company. Our industry leading 10 year warranty protects end users, without the fine print and limitations of other warranties, especially the typical 5 year warranties from Chinese LED manufacturers. Proof of reliability comes with time, and we have the LED case studies to demonstrate the longevity and energy-savings of our technology. See the LED Case Studies and feel free to Contact Us or call for references. You may also want to review Customer Testimonials over the course of your process to select the right LED company for your facility.

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