COST SAVING through Manufacturing Grants for US Manufacturing Companies

See the Manufacturing Grants for US Manufacturing Companies offered by one of the leading American LED Light Manufacturers

GRANTS for Manufacturing Companies

Independence LED is please to support fellow manufacturing companies in their efforts to reduce operating costs, increase the percentage of Made in America products, and promote job creation.  Lighting accounts for over 25% of electricity for average industrial businesses, and lighting is often a significantly higher percentage for the warehouses and distribution centers associated with manufacturing facilities. We are pleased to play a role among the nearly 12 million people who make things in America, and our Manufacturing GRANTS are a way to play an even more meaningful role in the American Energy Revolution.

The following GRANT elements are available to active members of the National Association of Manufacturers ( and/or members of American Made Matters (

Manufacturing Grants

HIGHLIGHTS on the Manufacturing Grants

Energy Saving:

#1: 10% of the Cost of the LED Retrofit Equipment up to $50,000 in Grant payments per business location.

Please note that the entire Grant allocation is $5,000,000, and the discounts on the Made in America Independence LED products are based on the date stamped requests made by active members of the program associations.

The deadline to register requests on the program is December 31, 2016.

The program includes a cap of 5 building locations per business ownership group.

#2: 100% of the Cost of an Energy Analysis.

The Energy Analysis centers on Savings Reports provided to the Grant recipient based on lighting information furnished by the end user.

#3: 6 Month Extension on the National CASH for CLUNKERS T12 program.

The program is currently scheduled to close July 4th, 2016, and this Grant extends it to December 31, 2016. See: Cash for Clunkers Lighting

#4: $0 Down Payment Financing Options.

Cash flow positive financing is available for qualified businesses, subject to review by third party financing companies that are Independence LED strategic partners.


Independence LED’s long standing association with GEEENandSAVE provides a marketing platform for the program association members regardless of their participation in the LED retrofit GRANT. is one of only a few “Trusted Feed” partners in the sector by Google News. This means that GREENandSAVE’s content is so well respected by Google that they post the articles automatically to the Google data base. GREENandSAVE has granted the management of the program associations the opportunity to submit a Weekly Profile on a member of the association that is undertaking some form of “GREEN” initiative. The initiatives may include general themes such as making products in America that require less global transportation fuel to get from production to end user, or more specific initiatives such as new packaging with an increases amount of recycled content, hiring a sustainability director, reducing energy costs, etc. Manufacturer’s that are members of the program associations may also submit content directly to the media resource: Contact GREENandSAVE

Qualification = Membership in one of the Associations for Manufacturing Grants:

Manufacturing Grants 2

If you are not already a member of the National Association of Manufacturers, and you would like to become eligible for the Manufacturing Grants see:  Benefits of Membership

Manufacturing Grants 3

If you are not already a member of American Made Matters and you would like to become eligible for the Manufacturing Grants, see: Benefits of Membership