Marquette Management LED Case Study

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LED CASE STUDY: Marquette Management Apartment Building

See the advantages of LED Lighting in a Case Study for the Marquette Management Apartment Building in Illinois.

Project: The Towers at Four Lakes

Highlights: One of the first LED Apartment Buildings

Address: 5885 Forest View Rd, Lisle, IL 60532

Owner: Marquette Management (

LED Installation: 2011

Opportunity for LED Lights: Marquette Management, Inc. is the property management arm of the Marquette Companies that has been managing multi-family communities for over 30 years. Marquette is a fully integrated real estate company with more than $1.9 billion of apartments and mixed-use properties in their investment portfolio and over 11,000 apartment units under management across Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Texas.

LED Lighting Solution: In 2011, we started with The Towers at Four Lakes to demonstrate Marquette’s leadership in energy savings. We focused on the areas with the traditional inefficient 4’ fluorescent T8 tubes, given that our Made in USA LED replacement tubes could reduce the energy consumption by over 50%.

Marquette Management LED Case Study Results: By reducing the tube wattage by an average of 53%, the annual savings is 148.92 kWh and $13.06 per tube every year. This is based on the Illinois average of $.087 per kWh, which is lower than the US average of about $.12 / kWh. The higher the cost of electricity the faster the payback. We generated paybacks in under three years as early as 2011, and the return on investment (ROI) gets better each year as our technology has improved and economies of scale have reduced manufacturing costs.

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